LAYERED POTATO a.k.a 'Rakott Krumpli' | Lasciva Culina

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So easy and so yum! ‘Rakott Krumpli’ is a popular family meal and children’s favourite. I would say a classic layered casserole type of meal.
We’re showing you how to create a vegan version of it as well. Even making our own #vegan sausage mash!
Again it’s all about the layers just like our first video – Layered Savoy Cabbage.

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Music credit: Jazzy — LiQWYD


Adri Bruckner says:

This is great, thanks Lasciva Culina! My daughter is vegetarian and rakott krumpli is one of the things she misses most so we will definitely try the alternative to sausage – YUM!

Brandon K says:

Can't go wrong with layered potato

Arwin Fernandez says:

my 2nd favorite hangover food 🙂

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