Magnum, SO Delicious, Häagen-Dazs | ICE CREAM BARS | ASMR EATING SOUNDS | VEGAN | PitaEats.

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🎬About this video: ICE CREAM BARS | ASMR EATING SOUNDS | VEGAN | PitaEats. 🌱All Plant-Based Foods🌱. Magnum, SO Delicious, Häagen-Dazs.

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Dinah says:

Normal person eats one, Pita = 3! It’s all good! 🍦

Lynne M says:


Daniel Mizeperez says:

U Can eat ice cream bars at a BAR lol

Dinah says:

Those are awesomely delicious! I can almost taste them! 👏😘 😋

Otili Wright says:

Omg I want one !!!!!!!

Neri Munoz says:

Hey Pita. Those look YUMMMM 😋. Which one is your fav and why? You made them all look mouth watering to me. Keep chewing and we’ll keep smiling and watching.

Mita D says:

Which was your favorite??

Tonya Williams says:

Oh you are just teasing now 😜😜😜 I love those and yes they are my weakness 😋😋😋😋😋 So yummy but I can't chew ice cream lol

Donna Davidson says:

Now you’ve done it! Made me head to the freezer for Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, yummmm. 🤣🐵🍌🍨🥜

Amalia Aragon says:

Love your new channel! Keep it up 😊

Valentina T says:

Hi, Pita! Looks like you found ice cream heaven🍦Brain freeze much? Lol❤️

SongByrd ASMR says:

Isn't magnum the best, Pita? Great video 🙂

Cila H says:

I must go out and try😋😋

Vina Dexter says:

How did i not know about these vegan options!! By my favorite ice cream bar brands too!

S Lei Mafi says:

I can’t with you! I’m over here melting from this heat and you having my fave

Rebecca Miller says:

Never had one. They sure look good! Can you share? Enjoy 😊

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