Slimming world | vegetarian spaghetti bolognese & Sw kebab!

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Hi Jane i have the same blender a nightmare to clean end up digging around the blade with a knife to clean it , going to bin mine let us know what chopper or blender you end up getting please, love your cooking inspires me to cook as find cooking a chore but you make it look easy πŸ™‚

Miss Dukes T says:

i bought some soya mince today due to ur recommendation as I'm trying to stay away from red meat. so I hope it's nice!!! πŸ™‚

Milly molly thomas says:

I like the quorn southern fried chicken burgers they are lower in syns and you can't tell the difference x

Julie Love life says:

Hi, charity shops take electrical items , someone else may have a use for it and it doesn't go to land fill. πŸ€—

anitaalfie says:

Forgot to say off to line dancing tonight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚anything for body magic xx

anitaalfie says:

Great video and the food looks great. I think I'll give that soya a go looks interesting.xx

heatherd1986 x says:

Please do a recipe so I can see how you make burger in a bowl xx

Susan Ashall says:

Jane it sounds interesting xx

denise reynolds says:

Hiya, I like Quorn in spag boll, mainly coz I hate finding rubbery bits that you find in real mince. Yours looked lovely. You can always do a mince meat loaf and throw in some low fat sausages, mix together with egg and herbs and bung it in the oven. Not much different than the kebab by the look of it but without the messing of in an out the cooker and the waiting around. πŸ‘x

Our CRAZY Life Scotland! says:

More baking recipes would be great please! Me and kids had a ball on Sunday and they think you're fab ☺. Every time I've watched you since they've recognised your voice lol x

Samantha Patton says:

another great video jane loving iol xx

Miss Kerry says:

I have the Caribbean BBQ sauce at home. Is it 0.5 syns for a teaspoon or tablespoon, please? What about the 'normal' BBQ sauce?

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