The Real Reason Jamie Oliver's Restaurant Empire Is Collapsing

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In May 2019, Jamie Oliver — one of the world’s biggest celebrity chefs — saw his restaurant empire come crashing down. It’s been just over a decade since his Jamie’s Italian brand of restaurants first launched in 2008. How could such a popular celebrity’s restaurant empire fall so far, so fast?

This massive 2019 closure isn’t the first time Oliver has shuttered doors. In 2014, The Guardian reported on another set of Oliver-inspired restaurants — Union Jacks — that were closing.

The Guardian has also reported that Oliver’s restaurants have been in trouble for a long, long time. In 2017, they released the numbers from the previous year and revealed that while they had logged a $3 million profit in 2015, 2016 brought a $12.6 million loss. By 2018, The Telegraph was reporting some of Jamie’s Italian’s 40+ locations were going to be closing.

Oliver closed his chain of cookery shops, Recipease, in 2015. According to The Guardian, the presses stopped rolling on his self-titled food magazine, Jamie, in 2017.

That’s a lot of stuff coming to a close.

Watch the video to see the real reason Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire is collapsing!

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Long struggle | 0:18
Non-disclosure agreements | 1:01
Brexit to blame | 1:48
Disconnect with fans | 2:27
Major debt | 3:05
Too much too fast | 3:59
Massively polarizing | 4:39
Perfect storm | 5:42
Not good at business? | 6:36
Skyrocketing costs | 7:27
What now? | 8:09
Don’t feel too bad | 8:52


Mashed says:

What are your thoughts of Jamie Oliver and his endeavors?

Zoya Khan says:

I’ve eaten at his restaurant, absolutely terrible food at extortionate prices

Healthy & Nurtured says:

We all learn lessons in life … he's a nice guy

Dean Susec says:

I hate the way he cooks. HE uses his hands everywhere and licks his fingers. Also, he just throws together all kinds of ingredients that traditionally don't go together. Not ever impressed by anything I saw.

Panos Daras says:

Sure blame the failure on brexit and minimum wage rise. Pathetic!

GeoAmaya says:

He is the quintessential of bad British cuisine…

Andrea Genoza says:

Ask Gordon to save him

Clandestine Tangerine says:

Main reason: the food is shite

Bob Mitchell says:

Dod! Pretty basic stuff ignored. 🤪🤪🤪🤑🤑🤑👎👎👎

SomeMore says:

It's too expensive and tastes bad.

Nohate says:

Knowing how to cook 👨‍🍳 doesn’t mean knowing how to run a business 🤔

SFB says:

Has anyone eaten at his Italian chain? Its dog shit

Derker says:

Jaime is a fake chef. Not a propper Chef like Conteza, Gordon Ramsey, Bobby.

Someone Comenting says:

itallian restaurant are no longer the trend. Now it's asian that is the new trend.

SuperWolf1964 says:

Blaming his restaurant failure on the Brexit vote: pathetic!

Siti Normah says:

Too ambitious bad governance lack of planning

Private Faces says:

I stopped eating there for one reason only: the food was BAD. I’ve eaten at his restaurants at different locations around the world and they were equally terrible.

Simone Esposito says:

An empire built on fake italian food was meant to collapse from the very beginning. That’s just karma.

Steve Marks says:

The food was bloody awful, that's why!

Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj says:

The BBC and the Guardian?????

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