Vegan Drumsticks Fail

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New Vegan Drumsticks
We made this video about a week ago so not 1/2 price at Woollies this week but not hard to pick up for 1/2 price.
#vegan #drumsticks #icecream
Mail: 2 Aussie PO Box 163 Katoomba 2780 NSW Australia


Steenbean M says:

I love chocolate cones!😋

TERRY. W says:

I agree with the Lovely Liz ….great review..

Highcountry Flylife says:

Very nice. Impressive I have to say, looks good 2 Aussie 👍

TEACUP says:

Mmm…. I am gonna get Strawberry Cone tonight! 😀
Awesome review youBoth! until…we gotta follow…

Eva's Animations, Reviews, and Adventures says:

very nice vegan drumsticks that you showed us and hi

MnCash Kitten says:

They look awesome! Yum! 💕🍦😸

Bear says:

You guys are great together, your GF is beautiful!

Mode Munch says:

Sweet and healthy. Seems too good to be true.

Commercial Forest says:

Jack wants in on that ice cream 🍦

Mary Jano says:

Great Video, thank you for sharing my friend.

Only Mahone says:

Haha the refreeze shape was pretty funny! Those waffle cones look awesome. Really nice find for half price! Great stuff both

Possow says:

What state are you from

Sharon L says:

👌got to try these… looks yummy

Nick Smith says:

Lovely couple, great review

ComBi ASMR 콤비 says:

Wow yummy icecream🤤👍👍

Cowboy Jojo’s Adventures says:

Coconut and raspberry sounds delicious 😋 wouldn’t mind trying it sometime. Thumbs up 👍🏽

Pogiboy Productions says:

Vegan drumsticks? THis is new to me.. can't say no to ice cream though!

Michael_Au says:

Good stuff Liz and 2Aus! 🙂🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺👍🏻😎


like 23 nice video done yr turn

Whisky Nerd says:

Looks very good my friend 😊👍🏼

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