Creamy and vegan? Bringing LENTIL SOUP to the next level.

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We are happy to present you this pantry staple recipe for a quick and nourishing meal.
We received requests to show how to make this dish at home from many of our restaurant’s regulars so here it is !!



Saidie Fling says:

Coming after you with the hair clippers!!!!! Haven't had lentil soup in years because we had it so often growing up – at lest twice a week – inexpensive but very nutritional and filling dish that I came to hate. Just started eating it again recently. Will have to try your version.

2nd Helping Cooking says:

this has so many flavors. Looks delicious.

Ben Hudgins says:

Partial puree. Brilliant. Have never thought to do that, but I'm going to try it!

Chris McAllister says:

Love it! Looking great you two! (Didn’t know you like Star Wars… watch the Madalorian with baby Yoda!!). Miss you guys!

CyndiPo - Just An American Girl says:

I vote YAY!! for Lentil soup but NO on manbun!!!

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