Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk (Official Audio)

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You’re listening to the official audio for Tevin Campbell – “Can We Talk” from the album ‘I’m Ready’. “Can We Talk” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs in 1993.

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Brian Dacosta says:

Tevin has a great voice. Am a DJ and played all his songs in the 90s and still playing his songs. From Dallas Texas. Am here in TnT. Trinidad and Tobago. Love you bro

Tanesha Smith says:

Love me some Tevin Campbell ❤️

Monya Ross says:

These lyrics always sounded a lil creepy or strange to me but now I know why

Naruto74 says:

3:103:20 smh classic….he begging better than Keith Hahahahah

Malcolm Hopkinson says:

Caring little for the words and meaning of the lyrics, I am listening to the arrangement and the rhythm section, and the choral background, I think the bass and drums are particularly effective…   it is a wonderful composition by Babyface Brian Edmunds…
Tevin Campbell's contralto is great … top hit No. 1 in 1993… Wow… I love it… have played it 20 times … Incidentally I normally listen to Classical Debussy and Ravel, or Modern Jazz Steely Dan, Stan Getz and Wayne Shorter, tenor saxophone players but this music appeals to me very much….  
Malcolm in Toronto May 2020

Martha Beauchamp says:

No sadness. It will all be okay. Just follow your heart. …

theoallgood says:

R &B classic. They'll be playing this song 5O years from now. And um…NO REMAKES. Some shit can't be duplicated.

ExclusiveQueen Aundrea says:

I’m 11 and I love this music, I just can’t find them all bc my mom listens to it. I need to ask her more. She loves Tevin Campbell’s music!

Budi PermanaSakti says:

Sound vocal tevin like sound Glenn fredly singger 🇮🇩

Jevon Brown says:

ALWAYS THOUGHT it was a WOMAN who sang this song……lol

Kennith Sears says:

🕺🕺❣️💚, ‘baby come here’

slufinest1 says:

Wish this kind of music would come back.. I swear I'm happy I grew up in this era of music 😉

Seth Reed says:

One of the best R&B Male singers of ALL TIME🙌🏽

Chyna Edwards says:

Just came here to see what Tevin was talking about when he said this song was about stalking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chatty Ashley says:

I wouldn’t have been mad if Tevin stalked me in 93-96. 👏🏾👏🏾💋

Chanté M says:

this song is about stalking haha

I am Ajae says:

Happiness is….

jeramy lee says:

Here to see how it relates to stalking. I can see him stalking someone with that creepy album cover 😂😂😂😂

Breanna Davis says:

Had to come listen for the fiftylem time after he said it's about stalking 🤣

PotatoCh1mp says:

My mom use to date his step dad, uwu

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