How to Make the Absolute Best Baked Potatoes

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Test cook Elle Simone reveals the secrets to making the Best Baked Potatoes.

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Shannon Clark says:

I can’t bare the thought of goat cheese. Never had it never will. Just sounds nasty. I am not a picky eater I like most everything but goat…oh no!!!!

Paul Adams says:

I just cooked a batch for the first time in my 50 years on this planet and they turned out perfect. Thanks ladies much love and respect x

A S says:

No wonder people in the US suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity like the two presenters.

Omero P says:

My niece rates these potatoes 10/10!

Christa Parenteau says:

Hello 🇨🇦🇨🇦

Ryan B says:

I'm sure that is very carcinogenic with "acrylamides" and heterocyclic amines due to the extremely high temps. Lower the temp and increase the cooking time or just use a combi oven with both steam and convection.

De Thompson says:

I love this recipe! I’m using it today thank yall ladies

Jaye says:

this is the best baked potato receipe! I did not have an internal thermometer so I just used smaller russet potatoes and stuck with the 45 minute range for baking . they turned out perfect!

Jarrett Kushner says:

Social distancing

Maggie McMac says:

I love oven baked potatoes, but you can't beat the microwave re the time it takes

Clancy Kobane says:

Give me a break, how stupid do they think we are?

Pizza Pizza says:

This looks amazing…

Abdulhameed Mofeez says:

Thanks, I will definitely try it tomorrow

A Rem says:

You think you know but you don't, again.

Free Speech says:

So much electricity wasted for 4 potato and just half a meal for fat lady. we need to use smaller oven for this so less electricity wasted. I think we need supersteam oven for baked potato.

kwiknkleen says:

I put my taytoes in a 400 degree oven for 1 hr tight on the oven rack and they come out just like this without all the nonsense. Crispy skin and fluffy inside. Just scrub with a vegetable brush and poke holes in and shove in. I cut my potato in half and and squeeze out the potato. Then put butter and salt on. Good eats.

greggory Lang says:

1:49 Did she say pertatoes?

mohamad kasem says:

God bless America . Delicious potato recipes and beautiful ladies .

Michelle Kucic says:

What does goat cheese taste like?

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