Can't Forget Paris: F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS

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The season ends with two sold out shows in Paris, between which Action and company visit a cultural heritage site, fly in a wind tunnel, and eat the best veggie burger in the world.

Click here to watch more from Season 1 of F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS:

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taistelutomaatti says:

"What do you mean 'your DJ friend is extremely high'"

DJ James says:

Seeing action fly is so fuckin majestic

Sean Wenzinger says:

When no one is feeling your playlist.

Esuark Xilef says:

anyone knows the song at 2:30? need dat shit so bad

V3RY RARE_0411 says:

His beard is weart

T G says:

Just a couple of dudes out here eating cheese and breathing.

William Morris says:

Mayhem, looking pleadingly into Action's eyes: "buffalo wing sheep milk?"

John Grams says:

U know Kraft singles?

Francis Couch says:

Very intelligent man,A real respecter of cultures. I love him

AceGod says:

Song at 2:30 in..
Any idea of what it's called or who the artist is??

dre k says:

This is heavy


What a job so cool

kris rivera says:

Al and the cheese is perfect


BigBody look like mf buzzlightyear💀💀

ya boy coconut head says:

Does someone know the song at 2:27?

Keith Dabeathum says:

7:52 The face you make when your over a friends house and your boi moms invites you to stay for dinner take a bite and instantly regret it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

SeaDawgOST says:

Action is the best when he is not around his retarded friends

Zachary Ramsey says:

How did Alchemist get his meth over seas? I'm sure a few people want his secrets. 😂

T M says:

bronson trying to get his mates to try different food is so delightful

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