Why Jamie Oliver waited 9 years for the right moment to release his new veg cookbook

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Jamie Oliver has just released a new vegetarian cooking book, Ultimate Veg — but he wrote it nine years ago.

With over 30 TV series, two dozen books and countless nutrition campaigns, Jamie is known for advocating smart food choices as a means of lifestyle and civic change. But when it came to moving beyond a meat-centric diet, Oliver told host Tom Power the dominant culture wasn’t ready … until now.

In the q studio, Oliver also gets into his philosophy of food and business, his unconventional upbringing, and the economic benefits of limiting meat in your diet.

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Apple Gal says:

Genuinely love Jamie!

Madison Hewish says:

Very clever man. It’s definitely the right time to explore vegetarian/vegan eating. People are becoming more aware and open to eating more plants. And when people are eating more plant based foods they are more willing to have more conversations around the topic of sustainability, ethics etc..

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