Vegan Cheesy Bean Bake

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My Vegan cheese and bean bake recipe is my version of one of my favourite treats as a child! Such an easy recipe that anyone can follow. For more simple tasty recipes hit that subscribe button and give it a like.

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Brett Cobley says:

Hope you love this tasty recipe as much as I do! Be sure to check out @Epivegan on instagram and for full recipes

Coach Viking says:

can i use butter to brush the bakes?

Fuesun Ha says:

That looks more than tasty, yummy!

julialittlewoodduval says:

Absolutely delicious!I tried one yesterday!mmmmmm!

Brenda Aspey says:

They look so yummy, thanks for sharing, will definitely be trying these.
Loving the new hairstyle 👍

Georgina Smailes says:

Chop up a Linda sausage and put it in there. Would remind me of the Gregg's sausage and bean melt. Gonna have to try it. Remind me of the days on the way to school. ❤️

Rebecca Maudsley says:

I know what I’m having for dinner on Sunday! Super simple but so satisfying. Love it!

Laura Osborne says:

Reckon Theo will love this one 👶🏼😍

Initial commit! says:

Look at all that hair. I'm jealous.

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