Mushroom and Veggie Shepherd’s Pie Part 2

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KW says:

Enjoy the channel, but missing her old style videos and recipes. Not wanting only vegetarian dishes.

Alejandro P says:

That Looks Good. Dishes like that really hit the spot up here in the middle of January with these brutal northern New England winters.

Paul Mahoney says:

Her recipes are awesome. I did enjoy the pre-recorded ones with the recipe-related background music and graphics. She seems like a really nice lady, and a great cook!

Esther Melchor says:

This looked really awesome. This recipe is going on my to-make list. I might try it with veggie ground meat. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Yates says:

Thank you for this great recipe. You and Jamie are too cute. Blessings to you both.

Carla Johnson says:

I agree with so many. Don't care for the live videos. Too much time wasted just waiting for something to cook. I prefer the videos that are edited. Great recipes though. I have made several of them.

Carolyn Roberson says:

Ah looks so good. You are a sweetheart. Makes me want to come have coffee and a chat. Blessings!

Jane Wittstock says:

That looks so good. With the mushrooms I would not miss the meat at all. Thank you for explaining the Tupperware container. You are wonderful Sara.

JoCanCook says:

I just love the meaty texture and savory flavor of mushroom. Mushroom shepherd pie sounds good.

daniel bryan says:

My god shes massive

Mama AlwaysCooking says:

Sara idk if you will get to read this comment but you’ve become my new favorite YouTuber. I absolutely love your recipes. I swear I wish I was your neighbor 😫 but I really love your sweet nature. Your videos are very relaxing. Much love ❤️


It looks delicious. I like your baking dish too. It is so hot too- be careful. . It would be great for a cold day. Thanks again.

Lisa Southern says:

A little slice of buttermilk cornbread would be delicious with this! And of course a glass of sweet tea to wash it down with.

Deana H says:

This would be delicious with a salad dressed with a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Elaine Riley says:

That looks delicious Sara and your husband wants a taste of it from what he said

Amanda Harrison says:

Sara, you're so sweet and such an inspiration to many. I love watching all of your cooking videos. You give me ideas that I would normally not think of especially when it comes to vegetarian options. I am not currently vegan, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try them out. Keep on doing YOU and thanks so much for sharing your home and gift of cooking with us! Much 💕 from Iowa! 🤗

Jackie Peterson says:

Looks delicious!

Angie Lopez says:

ur so cute sara!! thank u for sharing ur recipe !!

Yola A says:

I can't believe I missed the live vlog!!😥

fl0wer1234 says:

Hi Shepherds pie is usually with lamb mince, but cottage pie is with beef. Your vegetarian option looked lovely though

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