Testing OVER-HYPED Vegan Food! Are they worth the hype?!

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In today’s taste test video, we sat down to try some of the most over-hyped vegan food on the market right now. From Violife to Magnum vegan ice cream, to Lightlife burgers and more, we sharing our unfiltered thoughts on which vegan products are worth buying! Like if we should do this again!

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Edgy Veg says:

Karen always has something to say! Which Over-Hyped foods (or under-hyped) brands should we test next??

Rhai' Lavellan says:

In germany its alpro not belsoy :'D
I don't get it why do they change the name?!?

LaSean Dupré says:

Does anyone know of any good vegan vanilla bean ice cream?

Logan Post says:

Violife pepper cheese (red pepper? pepper jack? pepper something) I would sell my soul for tbh. it's so f-ing good

Browning Aquatics says:

Omg like 12 dollars is to much to pay? For somthing that doesn’t cause any harm to animals 12 dollars is nothing to pay grow up.

Adam Crist says:

tasted vegan magnum and nothing can even come close to the creaminess of the ice cream. Tasted competitors Drumstick and cornetto and they are bland

Annie Carbonneau says:

You have to try Coconut Bliss bars and ice cream.

Kate 1221 says:

Watching this made me so hungry!

Kate 1221 says:

Chao cheese is the best. Even my non vegan family eats it for grilled cheeses and stuff and I'm proud

OneDankind says:

Considering how expensive the like-real meat burgers are. No matter how good they are I'd rather make 100+ bean burgers for the money.

Re Bo says:

Belsoy???? This is the alpro packaging in germany 🧐

Re Bo says:

I should send you some vegan stuff from german brands 🤓

Vicky thecat says:

Violife cheese varieties taste amazing when they are melted; eating them cold, it oddly some varieties taste of nothing or taste quite disgusting.

Cesar Mejia says:

Bring back Louis, I like some eye candy with my vegan food.

VeganPisces Love says:

Daiya isn’t a good tasting brand, IMO

Kiley Eisenmann says:

I love Louie!

maaike verbanck says:

In belgium the pudding is ALPRO and the packaging is exactly the same… Why is the name different?

poetiklee vehrzed says:

Hahaha full bodied ketchup

Vegan Tina says:

I was SO disappointed in the DAIYA burritos 🌯 👎🏻
So overpriced. Such little taste. And WHY DID THEY MAKE THEM ALL GLUTEN FREE! Yuck

Loresk Canada says:

I'm about to try those corn dog things, I'm excited. Didn't know about ravioli, that's exciting!

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