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In this video, Micah and I try a vegan magnum for the first time. I wouldn’t buy these regularly and I didn’t give Micah a full one. W enjoyed it, it tasted nice.
#veganicecream #magnumvegan #tastetest

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Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting my channel. My name is Simone and I am a Mum of 3. I am from England and married to Ryan who is from Namibia. I initially started this channel to document my 3rd pregnancy and to help women overcome any fear of giving birth. I have had an emergency c section, then a home birth and then a water birth in hospital. My last two births were unmedicated/drug free and lovely experiences, and very healing after my first birth was traumatic. I also wanted to share my story and support for women who want to breastfeed. I also share my health journey including removing a xanthelasma on my eye. After sharing my birth vlogs and baby and postpartum updates, I started to make videos on clothes hauls, reviews, vlogs, cooking, cleaning and monetization after reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. I love connecting with like minded people and would love it if you subscribed to my channel and left me a message. Much love xx

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Double A Channel says:

Nice ice cream Stay connected like friend nice to meet you

Milla Bakula says:


Visit me

K René says:

I love the Magnum Ice Cream Bar. So I will have to try these it looks really good. Thanks for sharing Simone!!! Happy Mother's Day early.

Project Mum says:

Love magnums 🙌! Aww micha's reaction, the cutest. X

Gracely TV says:

Yummy…give me friend here

Lea Bartido says:

We love magnum ice cream specially almond

Darcy Apple says:

how many years apart are the kids. I have 1 he is 3.. wooo I never knew there was a vegan alternative…. will teach for it here in Toronto.. lol the face expression haha

Our National Adventure says:

Those look so amazing for kids- they are almost just tasting size? Thanks for the share! New friends ♡

The world of sophie 1 says:

Hello ma belle super video comme toujours tes au top trop chou ton fils qui mange ça glace

Nhà Hàng Xóm says:

I don't eat ice cream often, but I love it. Welcome.

Jessica Moylan says:

Wow! Vegan ice cream i have to try these my favourite are the white chocolate ones ❤️ Aww micah bless him he keeps shutting his eyes 😂.looking beautiful simone! ❤️ Thanks for sharing i will be trying these for sure ❤️

Sparkle Your Life says:

His expression while trying the icecream is just awesome. I enjoyed the video. New friend here. Lets stay connected says:


My Style My Home says:

Hey beauty your glowing. Anywho I've heard great things about the ice cream and never tried them. I think I definitely may check it out. The baby's face was so cute trying it. Be well my friend 💕

Music Marketers Botswana says:

Hi Alena i got you.. your hair texture is awesome … Magnum is the best ice cream the world has to offer!!!!

Adventurous Life Squad says:

Oh my magnum ice cream sounds like fun. Wow it looks so delicious. I've seen this kind in the store only i thought it might be too sweet, but I guess its worth a try huh. Baby boy is loving it. I love almonds so this should be pretty interesting. Full view as always xoxo

Lullabubbyes says:

Magnums I swear They’re all getting smaller! The raspberry choc one is lush

Zesty Girl says:

Awww the face – this is so lovely Simone XX Magnums are the best! Your family 😍

Holo Holo Kids says:

Giving you some love from my kid’s channel too. Subscribed and of course watch ads! 😘

Bahama Jim says:

You know whaaaaa ?? Your the reason im going straite to the freezer !!! Enabler 😆😇👍👋👋👋🙌.. They look great

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