Stuffed Mushrooms Platter – French Vegetarian Recipe

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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: In this video we look at how to make stuffed Mushrooms and create a delicious mushroom platter. This mushroom vegetarian recipe is great when you have friends over and are looking at making something different.

in this video we also look at how to make the duxelle of Mushroom which is Mushroom based stuffing used in a lot of french recipes.

ingredients used for this recipe:

For the duxelles of Mushroom:

250 of Button Mushrooms
30 grams of Plain unsalted butter
40 grams finely sliced shallots
40 grams finely sliced onions
2 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley
a squeeze of lemon juice

for the stuffed mushrooms:
10 medium size button mushrooms
1 or 2 large brown mushrooms
if you like, a few oyster mushrooms or whatever you like to serve.

For the Mushroom toppings:
tomato paste
farmhouse goat cheese

Side for the platter:
Pan fried forest mushrooms
Mixed olives
farmhouse fresh Goat cheese
artichokes heart in brine


cristopher wong says:

7 dislikes from the fucking vegans.

TheseusTitan says:

Thanx for a vegetarian recipe! Mushrooms are great!

Daveomabegin says:

This is so beautiful 😊

JigJagging says:

I add cream cheese to the duxelles prior to stuffing the mushroom caps. It gives a nice color and flavour.

Nancy H Alwin says:

Thomas I really am enjoying the vegetarian sides and main dishes, I’m not a vegetarian but I do love my veggies! This one the carrot starter and the cauliflower gratin are about to be a trio on my dinner table! Thank you!

Alexandre Martins says:

Despite all the arguments in favor of vegetarian cuisine BUT ONE being nonsense, it's very delicious and nutritious. And that's the ONE.

james bont says:

i bring the wine you bring that platter deal? hahaha looks fantastic thanks

Gustavo Mattos says:

It does look amazing!

Gustavo Mattos says:

It does look amazing!

Michael Mehrtens says:

Wasting the gills of the portabella mushrooms made me cringe!

V S says:

I love your recipes, keep up the good work!

Ursula Lawless says:

Looks so good..Mushrroms are my fav <3

Kevan Smith says:

That looked superb, and I will definitely make it for my vegan wife (sans fromage). Watching you make this simple dish, I was riffing in my head about how to up the flavor. White wine, of course, came to mind. And then .. Dijon mustard! Thanks for the videos, and keep cooking.

Desiree Wood says:

Love it! Looking forward to more vegetarian recipes (please) … man, who knew that James Franco was such a great cook 😉

Ashok Mishra says:

I'm having a watery mouth

The Inner Minds Eye says:

Goats cheese on the mushroom while grilling will be tastier in my opinion.

Abigail Chendjou says:

I really like the Unami taste without any meat. I did not come out well but the taste was great. Thanks.

jimmy johns says:

serve on toasted galic bread with melted mozz cheese.

Bill Mayhew says:

That looks really good. Your presentation is also very nice. It seems like garlic should be added to the stuffing mix and cheese melted on top would be a nice addition. Of course, I realize you are just laying out the framework and that can be modified as per your personal tastes or likes.

Daniel V. says:

French cooking = 1 lb of butter per dish

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