2 Delicious Fried Rice Recipes | Healthy + Vegan

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Full Recipe: https://www.veggierose.com/post/2-delicious-fried-rice-recipes


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❤Curious about going vegan?
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Veggie Rose says:

FYI: The colors were a bit off in this video. From now own I won't be relying on outdoor light which changes up too much for videos lol

Retrospect 3-2-1 says:

You go girl 🙂 your pineapple fried rice looks so good x

Tells25 says:

Where did you get your cookware from? I love your pots and pans and utensil.

Yoselyn A says:

I just made my best fried rice with your first recipe. Thank you so much!

Tyler Palazzo says:

Veggie Rose, can I just say?

You have just the LOVELIEST recipe videos, and I absolutely adore you.

Thank you so much for what you do! <3

Michael Stratford says:

I just started my vegan lifestyle since last week and i love it. I'll watch your channel so i can learn how to cook and eat more healthier.

Byron Murphy says:

2 wonderful winter dishes

【ストレス社会と闘う男性看護師】かかししゃちょう says:

If you are really looking at it, it seems to be delicious enough to eat.
I want to eat it once.

Amy Colley says:

Can't wait to try! Looks delicious

Miriam Schiro says:

Monday is my rice day and I’m making one of them and the other one next week.
As always thx for sharing mama love you 🤗❤️

O w8 🤔 ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️ For the 1st recipe I don’t have cabbage and for the 2nd I don’t have that chili sauce you use.
Well maybe I do not sure like what is the exact name and brand of the sauce you used?

Anthony Gilbert says:

Hey there Rose…I am totally into the second one. I never thought to do quinoa instead of rice. Thanks for the idea.

Caribeña Riena says:

I have to say, Ive been watching you(a different account) since you started at 11k, your content has transformed so much. So proud of you😘, you deserve millions of subscribers. The investment and time you take for these videos/channel shows. Thank you love for your hard work💜💜💜💜

Princess Konani says:

Just became a vegan and your meals always look bomb!

Sasha LuvsBags says:

Everything looks really yummy!!

Queen Mother Imakhu says:

Looks so delicious! Love the new look and feel of the video too.

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