How to Make Super Crispy Patatas Bravas

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Dan teaches Julia how to make the best Spanish-Style Potatoes, or Patatas Bravas.

Get the recipe for Patatas Bravas:
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Thule Millan says:

I'm sorry but this recibe not is a spanish patatas bravas

Neb Radojkovic says:

Yeah. BS. All wrong. Sorry but that is NOT how to make Patatas Bravas.

Mikey P says:

If she doesn’t stop mmhmming

Pancho Villa says:

Frying the potatoes is a nice cancer recipe.

Larry Lyon says:

At about 2 minutes he says to "dry" the potatoes in the pot over low heat "for just 30 seconds", then "So now the potatoes are off the heat" he adds the salt, stirs for 30 seconds then "I'm going to turn off the heat".

I thought the heat was already off???

So do you stir the salt in while the potatoes are off the heat or on the heat?

And, how much tomato paste was that?

fabricio osorio says:

Idaho took me here

Garrett Parker says:

I can already tell that she's gonna ask to speak to my manager.

Liz Medsker says:

Ravioli, ravioli,
Give me the a-li-oli.

Kalon says:

I used to love this channel for the information AND the personalities. Now, your hosts act like disingenuous robots trying to sell something, and it's rather offputting.

Ken Alexandre Meridi says:

gonna try this tonight

Liz Brink says:

Ai-o-li. Not alioli.

Levi Davis says:

Love what you do, but I hate this new infomercial-like format.

Frank Booth says:

Instead of baking soda I like to use hydrofluoric acid. It brings out the extra crispness of the potato and gives it more of a smoky flavor

phillip nguyen says:


Angélica Ko-Pe says:

There's a chef in Sweden trying to get us to stop boiling potatoes in salted water as the salt breaks down the structure (?) of the potato which causes it to soaks up more water and loose flavour. What are your thoughts on this?
The chef's name is Paul Svensson.

herrdoktorprofessor says:

someone watched kenji's food lab video on crispy roasted potatoes.

Robert Malone says:

Where is the guy with the bowtie

Noah Powell says:

The BA Kitchen in the Upside Down.

Salma vip says:


Sidney Mathious says:

Those potatoes look great the way they was cooked and you all must have loved eating them.

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