What I Eat In a Day! Healthy Vegetarian Food Ideas!

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robin hahn says:

I am a recent vegetarian!!

Don Jacobs says:

buttery almond thins ….
what is butter made out of ,miss vegetarian ?

Mr. Bones says:

looks good. berries. also trying to find ways to eat.

MangoesAndMovement says:

I'd seriously recommend some carbs here. Carbs a key to life.. Advice from a plant based eater (Call me mostly vegan, Veggan, pegan whatever, I LIKE plants.)

Island Mumma says:

Love you Hannah! I just started my own youtube channel, and you are such an inspiration!

Andrea Garcia says:

I'm not vegetarian but this all looks so good.😋😊👍

ciro says:

Nice,but i love animals,all kinds,fried,baked,roasted,cooked……. :=)

A K says:

The cookie dough protein bar on the stove thou 👌

fearlesslegend says:

microwave microwave microwave no thank you . good bye

Mrs Legend says:

I'm allergic to a lot of raw fruits and vegetables it's so difficult 😞 can you give me some tips on what to do I'm allergic to bananas carrots cantaloupe pineapples grapes ugh basically all the good stuff they make my throat itch like crazy

Aanchal's Vlogs says:

just to let you know, almond milk is not an option for healthy diet. it's packed with sugar and very little almonds. so if you want to drink healthy milk. try organic or raw milk.

Faith Elisabeth says:

I love this video!

Xoxo Gossip girl says:

I love your videos subscribing:)

AyeSwae says:

Butter pecan Lol Isnt that from a cow..

Becka Hansen says:

if you're a vegetarian you cant eat parmesan as it has animal rennet in it im fairly sure

Stella-kate Lilly says:

im vegetarian x

Gogatsu Emerald says:

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do

Bree P says:


Olivia Miller says:

You're foods all look so delicious!! Im not vegan, but I may try a few of those.. Nice job! You look Stunning By the way!!

Megan McCarthy says:

You should try lean Body its a protein shake it's super good! It helps with your protein intake and it has little to no sugar and it is so good to drink

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