The Chiappas – Veggie Bolognese

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Try our one pot Veggie Bolognese made with lentils that are packed with nutrients and fibre. We really live by the rule of feeding all the family. It’s super important to make sure we all sit together and it makes it all the easier when you can feed the whole family with one pot.


J L says:

More veggie recipes please🤓

Chris Dö says:

Basically the same base recipe than the veg&lentil cottage pie, seems pretty uninspired to me…

draxil42 says:

Do you put up roughly what quantity/ratio you use here? Like what the lentil to veg ratio is?

Winter says:

Great recipe! I suggest cooking the tomato purée with the veggies when you add the garlic. It caramelizes the purée a bit and really adds great flavor!

Emaline L. says:

i have a bunch of black lentils in my cupboard + veg in the fridge so this is PERFECT. Also a firm believer in the tomato paste (plus i find that sweeter than canned tomatoes half the time) and a bit of spice 😉 Thanks for another great recipe!

G I N A GK says:

I do a Vegie sauce with plenty of veggies similar to this onions, carrot, celery and extras like 1/2 green pepper, 1 red pepper, about 12 white sliced mushrooms, 4 chopped fresh tomatoes, tomatoe pasata and Tomatoe paste to thicken. I will try those lentils. I think I know where I can find them. I have made the orange, green and brown ones. Veggies are the best.

Niamh Kelly says:

Love it! Keep the veggie recipes coming❤️

Annie Chernyavskaya says:

Thank you once more for this useful video and advice with tomato paste, will for sure cook this dish!

Eva G says:

Love these simple healthy veggie recipes, thanks 🙂

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