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In this video we cook Pinakbet with Tofu, a famous Filipino dish

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Jumping Places says:

– Watch all the Philippines videos in this playlist:

Ranversac says:

You must rermoved the seeds of the ampalaya. the technique? you will cut from top to bottom, not the way you cutted it. then simply scape down with the use of a spoon to remove the seeds with the white part around the seeds.

Emmanuel Vasquez says:

You are wrong the kalabasa has the shortest cooking time. Bitter melon, okra and beans first, then the kalabasa then the eggplant. Note, only cut the eggplant when you re ready go put it in because it turns black if you cut it ahead of time.

Emmanuel Vasquez says:

You don't put tofu on a pinakbet

paul paull says:

11:29-> 'I love it. In Brazil it's called Abobora' :Abóbora japonesa (Japanese squash in Portuguese) is the result of crossing Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita moschata. The first commercial hybrid, 'Tetsukabuto', was developed in Japan. It was introduced to Brazil in 1960 in the state of Minas Gerais, which is now the major producer of abóbora híbrida in Brazil.

paul paull says:

12:41-> 'Can I stop filming? I wanna eat…' …reality TV …so funny …..les MasterChef is hungry…… …very good video….the music, kind of jazzy, is so appropriate and sets a good mood ….

paul paull says:

Flavor option….crumble the tofu and fry with the garlic and onions…add cracked black pepper when frying…..

paul paull says:

1:11-> !OMG! …um …nice tattoo Carol…..look up at the ceiling above Carol….you are being recorded

paul paull says:

1:20 and 3:17-> Set your video recorder on top of an upturned bowl or other object to elevate it. Then set something underneath it so it angles slightly downwards.
You and your 'working area' will be seen without you having to bend down to speak at the video recorder.

paul paull says:

2:33-> '..the part in the middle' …good for soups/stews/curries …flavor/nutrition/texture

paul paull says:

1:54-> …wash the seeds ….set them in the sun till crispy dry …mix with cracked pepper …very nutritious and a good book reading snack

RaDiCaL nAiRb says:

Where's the spinach? It supposed to have one.. any ways it looks good though! Can i have some🤪?

Cay Ramos says:

You forgot the shrimp paste (Bagoong). You guys are awesome. I appreciate all your videos.

RM KO says:

I miss that food watching here in K.S.A 🇸🇦 more power and enjoy

Lord Anthony says:

Ampalaya is so healthy.

Honey Cordova says:

i noticed carol prefers to use small knives..😂😊

Marlon Puno says:


Lourdes Cabalo says:

You need to mix the amplaya with salt and squish the juice after 30 minutes and rinse to remove the bitterness

John Rene Dalida says:

if you like another vegetarian dish, try cooking chopseuy. here's a recipe:

louie bautista says:

You could be a food celebrity couple.

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