Fast Food Lasagna – Epic Meal Time

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We got 45 burgers, a whole bunch of liquor and bacon…. this is Fast Food Lasagna.

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Happy Stingray Productions says:

Why the hell do these guys always look stoned

ATM says:

Good times, good times. RIP what this channel used to be.

Alexander Verjans says:

The Vegan Nightmare

Spencer Davis says:

Look at josh elkin on there lol he looked high as hell

Hailee Castillo says:

Tomatoes are a fruit…..oml haha
Also I probably see this in my future being honest haha

Norths Face says:

I bet vegans were disgusted with this haha

mrblueberry says:

What a rude prick , seriously unlikeable guy has he never heard of please and thank you

M. E. says:

Its a bathtub full of stroke and heartattack

ricky duddle says:

Even in 2020 this shit looks good as hell man

Ekmek says:

i miss old times

Gagan Kumar says:

this is so fucked up lol

Thomas Worden says:

Just revisiting a historical landmark.

Jeremiah_Latweedo says:

It has not been 9 years I refuse to believe

mitchell parker says:

It's 2020 and covid19 has taken over the world. Who else wish we could go back to these golden times

Alonso Ortigoza says:

I'm blessed by the youtube algorithm

Bawang Production says:

why do i want to try and eat it

alexis empleo says:

im proud having watched this first a decade ago….before all this cooking videos now…

Strife387 says:

Tasty meat poop

armenianply says:

How long do you bake it for?

Go Ahead, Make My Day says:

love the face at 5:37

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