Vegan Butter-less Butter | How to make Vegan Butter

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The best butter under the sun! Tastes like the most luscious butter anywhere but without the abusive and unhealthy animal products.

Here’s the full recipe:

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Ferlie Carmen says:

Hello there, where can you buy liquid licithin? Much appreciated

House of Soffice says:

thanks for sharing! i bake my own bread so this is a good addition to my homemade goodies. 😀

Lorraine Williams says:

Bizarrely awkward camera work + rather spastic energy + loud annoying music.

franz stockmann says:

Flake vegan channel- Carbs/ sugar kill. Feed your little girl granola orange juice and bagels- poison!

franz stockmann says:

Cute family but so misguided. Carbs drive weight gain and disease.Stop letting your feelings get in the way of health.vour ancestors were not vegans. Toxic plant oils, frequent insulin spikes- obesity and disease!

Nykomi says:

Also does anyone know the calories on this?

Nykomi says:

I have to keep a separate fridge in my room because I’m 18, trying to go vegan. Slowly lol

Ana Sodini says:

sorry, but is it possible to substitute lecithin?

mehdi halvaei says:

What a garbage. It's good for auto repair shop.

Pink Cashmere says:

I made this and LOVE it. Never buying butter again.

Hana Ⓥ says:

Why am i just knowing about you?

Tessa Mae says:


MengHan89 says:

That blond child's face looks super aged. Terrifying.

Debs says:

I made your butter yesterday, I’m in love, it is SOooooooo yummy! Thx

John Athanassion says:

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing Video! Great Job! I followed your video perfectly and the butter came out phenonomial! Except I don't live near a Trader's Joe and their online website; I couldn't find their green label version of the Coconut Oil. So I went to Amazon and purchased Lekithos Sunflower Lecithin Organic Liquid. I also used Nature's Basket Organic Refined Coconut Oil, Sweetened Almond Milk and Greek; cause I'm Greek, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This was the very first time I had made this type of butter. I watched how you and your daughter, scraped the mixer container of the left over butter; after pouring it into a container for refrigerating, onto a piece of bread for tasting. So I did the very same thing with a slice of Pumpernickel Bread. Wow! Wow! Wow! The flavor was beyond incredible! Thank you so much for making this video and for sharing your talents. I'll be making this butter for the rest of my life! I wish you and your family a blessed life. Be safe out there and be peaceful!

Lady Mariana says:

Hello sweetie! Great video! Blessings to you and your beautiful family! ❤ Just one question: if I cannot find the liquid lethicin, can I skip it or replace it by something else?

Sandra Kovacevic says:

i moje leevo uuhoooooo…….

knight daemon says:

Vegan butter? You mean margarine?

Chitra Uttamsingh says:

What do you do if you don't have the lecithin?

Rebecca Lee says:

So going to prepare this. I miss my butter flavoring on toast. Your recipe looks amazing! I just have to buy the liquid resident.

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