A HUGE VEGAN ICE-CREAM TASTE TEST! (17 Australian Flavours!)

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Hello mah beautiful friends! Hope you enjoy this taste test video, let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see something similar (.. I’m thinking vegan cheeses) 🙂

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PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO (in order of appearance):
– Cocofrio Hazelnut Choc Delight (*): https://cocofrio.com.au/hazelnut/
– Coyo Blood Orange and Mango (*): http://coyo.com/au/products/blood-orange-mango/
– Halo Top Dairy-Free Chocolate: https://www.halotop.com.au/flavours/
– Cocoluscious Salted Caramel (*): http://www.cocoluscious.com.au/
– Knox & Aya Choc Runnycomb (*): http://www.knoxandaya.com/flavours/
– Coyo Natural (*): http://coyo.com/au/products/natural/
– Cocofrio Choc Raspberry Ripple (*): https://cocofrio.com.au/choc-raspberry-ripple/
– Coyo Coco Latte (*): http://coyo.com/au/products/coco-latte/
– Over The Moo Chocolate: http://www.overthemoo.com.au/choc-choc-whos-there
– Coyo Sea Salted Caramel (*): http://coyo.com/au/products/sea-salted-caramel/
– Rice Cream Raw Cacao (*): http://www.ricecream.co/#deliciousness
– Coyo Vanilla Bean and Nutmeg (*): http://coyo.com/au/products/vanilla-bean-nutmeg/
– Cocofrio Salted Caramel (*): https://cocofrio.com.au/salted-caramel/
– Coyo Black Forest (*): http://coyo.com/au/products/black-forest/
– Knox and Aya Macadamia Fudge Brownie (*): http://www.knoxandaya.com/flavours/
– Over The Moo Cookies ‘n’ Cream: http://www.overthemoo.com.au/cookies-n-cream
– Cocoluscious Gooey Fudge Brownie (*): http://www.cocoluscious.com.au/

CAMERA: Sony a5000 & GoPro Hero 3+
EDITING: Adobe Premiere Pro


✰ This video is not sponsored. Products marked with (*) were gifted to me however I am under no obligation to post/share about them. Opinions are, as always, my own 🙂


David Mcgregor says:

We do have the Coyo yogurts in the UK but we do have the Halotop vegan ice-cream, vegan Ben & Jerry's. I haven't seen the Coyo ice-cream but I hope they introduce it into the UK soon. Comments if anyone knows different.

Rachel Fry says:

These all looked so good! Especially the COYO brand flavors! You should do one of these again but with a bunch of different vegan chocolate bars or vegan treats

Abbey g says:

I love the over the moo icecream especially cookies and cream

Ella McHugh says:

Yesss the halo ones are soo gross! My fave are the over the moo choc mint & the cookies n cream ones

Dannielle Wilhelm says:

Love this style video!!! I want to try the Knox and Aya 😻 and maybe a vegan yogurt taste test?! ALSO I was just wondering… do you use your Sony a5000 for all your videos/photos? I was looking at getting an a6000 but don't see much difference between the a5000/6000 and was curious to see how you like this camera? 🙈 Love to you two beautiful girls xox

Melissa B says:

Vegan cheese taste test would be awesome!!!

sophie whittakerdjh says:

I'm so sad because I wanna try all these but we can't get them in the UK!!! Sad life

Hannah Nesbitt says:

Vegan cheese one please

Tamara Paterson says:

This was super cool. Can't wait to find and try some of these. Love that they're both GF and vegan. Thanks heaps for the learning! 😊🧡

Catherine Long says:

We bought the halo one too and thought it was ok but not great. It would have been fine 20 years ago when there was 1 other brand on the market, yes it was that limited!

TwilightMuseLover says:

I love your wooden spoons!! Where did you get them from?

teagan coltman says:

Ducko what brand is your waterbottle and is it insulated?

Vegan With Love says:

You're so sweet girls😻and funny😂😂

Little Book Mouse says:

I love you both SO MUCH, you're so freaking cute!
I'm also v jealous I couldn't enjoy these with you!!

Demi Jayde says:

Two things I am taking away from this video Ducko
1. I stare at the ice cream a lot during this video
2. My spoonfuls are always double the size of yours 😂😂😂😂😂
Yay let’s do this video again. I LOVE vegan ice cream ❤️

Mealsbymiri says:

YES now this is my kinda content

Souzanna Thornton says:

We have a gelato place near that axtually has a great range of rice milk gelatos and i was really surprised how nice and creamy.. do all the coconut based ones you tried have that coconut flavor

Daisy’s Perspective says:

Yumm now I need to eat ice cream!!

Sean Desmond says:

Loved the video Ducko!!! 😍 Also awesome to see the lovely Demi in the video!!! ☺ Two awesome ladies and ice cream, it can only be good!!! 😍

Laiken Richelle says:

How did you have the space for all of these in your freezer??

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