Mariya Takeuchi Plastic Love 竹内 まりや

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Do not delete…
Copied from Plastic Lover
Singer : Mariya Takeuchi
Track : Plastic Love
Album : VARIETY ( 1984 )
Record Label : @ Alfa Moon
Photographer : Alan Levenson –

Producer : Tatsuro Yamashita
Songwriter : Mariya Takeuchi

I own nothing shown in the video! Everything here goes to their respective owners.


방바라 says:


thank you

you suck says:

me: walks in all emo, serious look on my face
my headphones:

TheRaFaBra says:

She’s so beautiful man wtf to bad she’s from a different time. I would love to see her perform

MsMaiko007 says:


David Coleman says:

I'll tell you guys one thing I don't know what she's saying but I love this song and will possibly marry a woman who can understand this

LLincoln says:


Phil Swift Religious Sect says:

The worse your life gets the better the song sounds
It's like you suck at everything and you're an absolute failure, but the fact that the ride was semi-worth it and you tried makes you want to vibe to this song before ultimately killing yourself with carameldansen

Wildcard says:

thank you larry lurr, very cool.

Micaela :D says:

que linda canción

ᴅᴀɴɴɪssᴜs says:

this brings me back to when i killed a vampire in Egypt

Arnold Duarte says:

I remember when I was only -1000 years old in the year 1000 ahhhh lovely there was only trees

Ergo Hoxy says:

I keep coming back here.
Wonder when real love will come my way, like it did for her.

Filip Derevenec says:

The best part: 0:007:57

Kauã Dias says:

eu sou o único brasileiro aqui??

Video Store Clerk says:

This what I look for in music ! 🥰

박종원 says:

Even Im korean but it makes kpop look like garbage

The Black Baboon says:

what a vibe..

Aoki Katsumata 勝俣蒼気 says:

Years later…

Still not the right front cover

Ryo x Akira says:


alex illest says:

Why isn’t this on Apple Music?

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