Vegetarian and Vegan Food Guide | BARCELONA

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Barcelona is a city which is filled with delicious food! It’s not always easy to find vegetarian or vegan options in Spain. There have been many times where I have seen the menu and realised that there isn’t anything apart from the salad and sides for me. Here are a few restaurants that have vegetarian and vegan options, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The name of the restaurant and location is in the video, but I’m posting the restaurants below for ease:
1) Rio D.O.C.
2) La Luna
3) La Vietnamita
4) Green Kiss
5) Arrosseria Las Arenas
6) Bacoa
7)Bombay Spicy
8) Taco Alto

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Sara Pacheco says:

I am going to Barcelona on ERASMUS next semester and this is going to be very useful. Thank you so much 💛

Krish Prasad says:

Thank you , will try to go to atleast 3 places from this !!

GeoAngel says:

Thanks for this

Krish Sharma says:

i’m in love with ur vedios🥰.idk y the heck u dont have atleast 200k subscribers!Ur channel deserves alot to achieve.i hit the subscribe button along wid the 🛎 after watching ur 1st vedio.I’m in love with u n ur vedios.Keep making vedios and u’ll rise like a ☀️!Love from me❤️🥰

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