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Recipe for 4 persons

Get ready to discover the 4th type of chocolate, after Dark, Milk and White. A decadent union of Ruby Chocolate and velvety ice cream to create a superior Magnum pleasure experience, as never tasted before. When was the last time you experienced something new for the first time?


4 Ruby Magnums
75 g white chocolate
12 raspberries frozen
1 tbs pink peppercorns
20 rice crispies
1 big meringue

For the Raspberry mousse:

40g White chocolate
30g Raspberry jam
40g whipped cream


First make the mousse. Heat the raspberry jam in a pan, stirring occasionally.
Next, place 40g white chocolate in a heat-proof bowl, cover and set over boiling water until melted. Once melted, mix well into the raspberry sauce.
Finally, whisk the whipped cream into soft peaks before gently adding to the white chocolate raspberry sauce, mixing it together with a tablespoon until a soft mousse forms.
Using the same method as before (heat-proof bowl, cover, boiling water), melt 75g white chocolate. Once melted, transfer to a small piping bag or small squeeze bottle.
Crush the meringue into small shards.
Use a pestle and mortar to grind up the pink peppercorns.

PLATING – to be served immediately

Pipe the melted white chocolate in an artistic squiggly down the centre of the plate.
Next, artfully decorate the plate with frozen raspberries and meringue shards.
Place the Ruby Magnum on the centre of the plate before using the piping bag to embellish it with some subtle white chocolate swirls.
Generously spoon the raspberry mousse around the plate.
Scatter with ruby chocolate covered rice crispies.
Finally, finish with a flourish of crushed pink peppercorns.


Baeek says:

It is SO GOOD! I ate it few Minutes ago

Lucas Gawor says:

I’d buy it, but you know, social isolation. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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