Quick & Simple Vegan Omelettes (with GF option)

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GET THE RECIPE: http://bit.ly/VeganOmeletteRecipe
Inspired by Cooking Shooking: https://tinyurl.com/y9wo4wyh
5 minute prep & 5 mins cooking. Really simple and tasty. You might say, they’re Om-azing!

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-75g (1 cup) Plain flour
-75g (1 cup) Gram flour (aka Chickpea, Garbanzo or Besan flour)
-1 tsp Baking powder
-0.5 tsp Salt
-0.5 tsp Black salt (aka Kala Namak)
-400g (400ml) Non-dairy milk (soya milk is best)
-OPTIONAL (but reccommended): Some finely chopped veggies to add to the batter (e.g. onions, mushrooms, peppers etc)


-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use a non-stick pan
-The plain flour can be replaced with other flours such as wholemeal or gluten free.
-The black salt can be replaced with regular salt
-Feel free to add in other flavourings such as herbs or garlic powder
-Why not multiply the dry mixture and keep a jar of it in the cupboard so it’s ready to go when you’re in a bit of an omelette mood. 


1. If using a blender, just blend all of the ingredients together. If using a bowl or big jar, mix together all ingredients except the non-dairy milk. 
2. Add the non-dairy milk and whisk/shake until you have a smooth batter. You’ll definitely be able to smell the black salt now but it will cook out. Don’t worry. 
3. Pour around 100g/1 cup (for a 28cm pan) into a mug or container. Add some finely chopped veggies and mix.
4. Heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan over a med-high heat. As soon as the oil starts to smoke, remove the pan from the heat and pour the batter around the pan, quickly spreading it out into a circle, trying to get the veggies evenly spread.
5. Heat over med-high heat for around 3 minutes or until the batter is dry on top. Don’t touch the omelette while it’s cooking as it may break apart. 
6. Take the pan off the heat. Use a flexible spatula to carefully free the omelette from the pan and then flip it over. Fry for another 2-3 mins until the bottom is slightly browned. 
7. Transfer to a plate. I like to cover half the omelette with some non-dairy cheese, wilted spinach and tomatoes. Fold the omelette in half. Bit o’ toast and sauce. LOVELY!


Vanlifecuisine says:

OMG 😂 i am not vegan but your video was so hilarious i had to sub 🤗you really put a smile on my face with this one. Great video keep it up 😉

Corrado Giorgetti says:

hey man, I would know how you open the fridge in the corner 😂

Cochlo says:


Amal Mansoor says:

OMG! I just made it and devoured it in 5 minutes. It's so good! One of the first times where I've followed a recipe and cooking directions, and it came out exactly like what he said.

Kudos to your channel mate. I hope you make more videos soon :(((((

Zahara Depz says:

😂😂😂 your humuor made me subscribe lol

Alberto González says:

Looks more like a pancake🤣🤣🤣

CherryLe Bee says:

I wonder how it would work if you boiled a mixture of milled flaxseed and then strained it and put some of that in there. Because it is high in omega 3 maybe it would make it feel more egg like? I use it in place of eggs in lots of my baking. Maybe not though it might make it taste weird lol. I just had the thought and had to comment it 😀

Noah97 says:

Good idea to make a big batch for later

William Kamroon says:

Hello Mauricio, this is your Uber driver, I'm right out front 🙂

Kay's Kitchen says:

Thanks for sharing the amazing recipe and love your sense of humor ……
Please check out our channel too to see more easy tasty food.❤❤

L C says:

Not a vegan but you are absolutely hilarious and I have subscribed for some food ideas. Keep up the good work mate.

Rawk001 says:

I love this video! Was really glad I’d found your channel but then you haven’t posted anything for a year 😢. Gutted!

Vasu G says:

Wow you have a one of a kind sense of humour which I love. Definitely coming back for moree

Leila Rajoy says:

no entendí nada pero tome mi mg hombre gracioso

flynnbrown2001 says:

You can use that batter for veggie tempura, chef.
Fine sliced aubergine, onions, spinach leaves, thin-sliced potats, mushroom etcetera…

I grew up on the stuff…om numnum 😷

flynnbrown2001 says:

Thanks, geezer chef 🐝 😷

Raphael Lindor says:

You’re funny man

veqh fefa says:

Okay..so i’ve watched this about 14 times already, but still don’t find the GF(girlfriend) option.
Can some1 help me?

marcosmsm1 says:

What software do you use to make the animations?


You are crazy
Love this channel 😂😂

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