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shan lynch says:

This is what foreigner's make when they don't understand what an American sandwich is!!🤔

Fairy Mermaid says:

What part of America is this from?? 🤣🤣

Matthew Galati says:

Awesome Sandwich!!!! I made it after watching and it was 100% Legit

Jei Hoseok says:

Um.. I eat mayonnaise… Not mayuonnaise..

sarah kelly says:

What's the name of that? Rona19 Sammich. Tomato & onion mayo?

Ray D. says:

This isn’t even remotely American. 😂😂

Paisley Greene says:

That’s a pretty sad excuse for a sandwich. How about adding a slice of cheese, some hummus or onion to liven it up?

Dylan Sperbeck says:

The fact that this uses white pepper and not black but only has 6 ingredients really makes me think this wouldn't be American.

Dylan Sperbeck says:


ignorance iseverywhere says:

This is not a "classic american" sandwich. Maybe classic indian. Def NOT American. No one I know here uses salt. We use lettuce, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, maybe onions, cheese…bacon/roastbeef/turkey. For vegitarians there are other options. But, this vid is not American. Sorry.

Alexis Bentley says:

No No no no NO there’s nothing American about this 🤢 Lies!

Big Daddy says:

Every country has interpretations of foreign dishes, Americans are too daft to understand .

Felicia Obeso says:

Where's the beef!!

V. MTZ says:

That's a struggle sandwich. Lol

Garden of Serenity says:

Thank you for teaching me how to put mayo on my bread. I want my 2:27 seconds back.

JB THC says:

Best HEALTHY recipe, process to remove the crust…..

BadWolfGirl1212 says:

Says American but I see Mexican hands lol ok

Amela Okanovic says:

Would eat it everyday

Mellissa Carey says:

Gloves go on after handling the bread with his bare hands? Lets seal that right up for someone to enjoy later 🤣🤢🤮

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