Vegan Cornetto

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A Vegan Cornetto folks, Gluten free and here’s what I think.


Kakarot says:

Get a good sucking, get a good licking 😂

Gee Smith says:

They never used to look like that

sluice says:

Are you using your freezer as a table? That's crazeh!

James Phoenix says:

Review more vegan food

Rudy Can't Game says:

Not gonna tuck into the biscuit…..nom nom nom

Omi Wan says:

Please review military MREs

Plehtide says:

Hey, Just wondering if you need a Editor and GFX Designer? Just let me know on my Email,

J R says:

Got to love white van Karl and blue van man

M O O N C R I C K E T says:


THEeGBuddy says:

That’s the beauty of it, you’re just a bloke with a Cornetto

themorphman100 says:

Vegans are reddit soy boys

British Patriot says:

People like you for your personality fella! 👍

Theo Worboys says:

Loving your channel….keep it up… it put's a smile on my face.

Alexander Mutitbo says:

I would genuinely not be surprised if this man knocked out AJ

Max Bridgewater says:

Hi mate. Can you give ‘kimchi noodles’ a try? Get them out there


there is something stikey is in him

Brownie says:

BVM is the people's hero

Dillon6479 says:

This is the best channel on yt 😂 good thing there are endless different foods you can try and review.

George Banks says:

Please review love island on bvm 2.0

Aleix Browne says:

Few bits and bobs ehy lad

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