Alkaline Vegan Dandelion Soup – Vegan For Life

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Thanks For Watching And HAPPY NEW YEAR!! #dandelionsoup #vegansoup #alkaline #vegansoup #dandelionsoup #alkalinevegan


Victor Wadsworth says:

This dish looks like it might welcome those big shell pastas, they would look awesome in it. I like the colors in this dish.

Victor Wadsworth says:

Definition of a weed, a plant that grows where it is not wanted, a Rose could be defined as a weed if it's not welcomed to the location it is found. Weed is not always a bad word, racists believe some people are weeds, they are full of bean dip.

YangGang 2020 says:

Going to need this for the times coming!! Thank you for the education!

Mai Mai says:

Mmmmm 😎😎😎

Joshua Zimmerman says:

I like your accent 😊

Ryan Tamares says:

as part of green juice I make using a low speed juicer I include dandelion greens. I will try this in my soup. looks excellent

Darrell Stephens says:

Roasted Dandelion Root is good for your liver and kidneys. You make a tea with it.

Darrell Stephens says:

You are a very good cook.

Olga Marano says:

I love your channel and all the great recipes you show I have been vegetarian/vegan since Nov.

Sharmon Mitchell says:

I made this soup and it was bitter. What can I do to take away the bitterness?

Danielle H-Williams says:

Dandelion is very bitter how do I cut the bitterness?
I’m cooking it now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Danielle H-Williams says:

Great mornings from chicago!
Mama Feast I just want you say thank you for loving what you do and having that teaching spirit. Your videos have helped spark my love for cooking and creating again. Divine timing is such a glorious thing that I just couldn’t have happened any other way. Now I’m off tinkering and learning how to recreate (make alkaline friendly) my fav dessert from Whole Foods which is a lemon bar. Peace and blessings!

Danielle H-Williams says:

Oh I found in. Thank you!

Danielle H-Williams says:

What kind of oil is that again

Whitney Salahuddin says:

Do you know how to make vegan roti and doubles?

Tanya Lipscomb says:

Thank u. I'm buying the veggies now then realizing g I dont know what to do with them. Amazingly u never disappoint. I even bought watercress reading how nutritious they are and i was lost with them too. And here uve included them too. Thx. U keep me inspired

h trimmm says:

Looks really yummy will definitely be trying

h trimmm says:

Where did you get anito oil from? I am also from Ny.

Jo Lee says:

Did you say annato? what is that?

Mary Huawei says:

Is anyone else like damn she crazy cayenne pepper, chilli and that green pepper damn someone can take heat

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