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This meal happens to be our family favorite and has been for many years, even for the years before we went plant based. The original recipe contains chicken and loads of oil so we adapted it to be oil-free plant based and wonderfully delicious. It is a comforting stew that is super filling, served over rice or steamed greens, and pairs well with our delicious lentil flatbreads.



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Josie H says:

Hi Jill, what do you think about using PB2 instead of PB to make it lower fat?

Sequoia McClurken says:

My partner and I are making this tonight 😆 cannot WAIT to try it

L. J. says:

Can you substitute beans for the tofu? I don't care for tofu. I thought maybe a milder bean like great northern or pinto. Otherwise it looks so good.

Health Is Wealth FASTING LIFESTYLE says:

New subscriber

Health Is Wealth FASTING LIFESTYLE says:

Delicious 🤤 you’re amazing am from West Africa Liberia and love ❤️ this idea 💡

Lauren Vacula says:

Can't wait to try this. I've been living on giant kale salads for dinner, but it's time to switch it up! 😍

Lisa McCreary says:

Anyone ever tried with another nut butter? My son has a peanut allergy but I’ve wanted to try this for a while!

Yvonne Charneskey says:

I made this for dinner tonight and while it tasted good it never really second. I forgot to add the tomato paste until the end hope that is the reason. Waiting for the rice to cook and then we’re going to dig in 🙂

Nancy Aureli says:

Jill I always love your recipes!

Raven Host says:

Made this for dinner today. Delicious! I've added a dash of cayenne pepper and substituted endive lettuce for kale (it's out of season where we live). Thank you!!!

Kathi Johnson says:

I made this today, but I halved the recipe since it's just me eating. I had to at least double the seasoning, it was too bland with such a tiny bit of spice. I did add a tablespoon of miso to bump up the flavor. I had cabbage but no kale. Anyway, after it cooked a while, It was really good! I love peanut/tomato combo. It's a keeper.

Freda Charbel says:

Yummmmm 😍

Webster Bailey says:

Yummy!! Wanna be friends

Heidi Tagge says:

Looks delicious. I will try that someday. I have been noticed your right arm has a tattoo looks cute. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo for my son who passed away in 2014. 😢

Naomi Thompson says:

Jill I'm definitely trying this!😋😋 it looks delicious! And has all my favorite vegetables in it, especially kale, haha!! I am obsessed with it and eat it all the time.😂😂 Great job!!👍

Marc Fredette says:

The name of that dish is "mafé" (or maafé, maffé). I already tasted it in a restaurant here in Montréal, it's soooo good. I had the project for awhile to do this at home. Now, I have to find the right onion substitute for this recipe, maybe fennel bulb… Thank you for sharing this recipe!

Dawna Kelly says:

I haven’t made the African peanut soup, but the red lentil flatbread..OMG! So good! I added some garlic and onion powder—had the flatbread today with some hummus (your recipe..yep I’m a fan) and roasted veggies. Wow! Thanks for the great recipes!

Mud Sock Girl says:

Can't wait to make this it looks so yummy. And guess what, I have all the ingredients on-hand, no special trip to the store needed; thanks 🙂

Ouroboros says:

This isn't peanut sauce. Looks delicious though!

Anne Smith says:

I can’t wait to try this!

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