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It’s hard to believe, but it has actually been an entire year since Matt and Kyla published Brunch Life. Their cookbook was also just nominated for a Taste Canada award. In honor of these two auspicious occasions Matt is making some of the most choice looking huevos rancheros you may ever see, straight from the pages of the Brunch Life cookbook.

Start this recipe off by adding olive oil to a medium sized skillet on medium-high. Be sure that you swirl that oil around in the pan until you have a nice, even coating that covers the majority of the skillet. Add your chopped onions and garlic to the pan and toss them well in the olive oil, stirring frequently as they cook. The red onions will begin to lose some of their color, turning slightly translucent. When this happens it’s time for the next round of ingredients. Add in red peppers cut any way you prefer, and if you like to keep things spicy toss in some chopped jalapenos now as well.

Matt is making these huevos rancheros vegetarian style, but if you happen to be a meat lover this would be a good time to add in your meat. Matt is keeping this one completely vegetarian so he adds in a healthy amount of fresh, chopped tomatoes instead. As the tomatoes cook down add in butter as seen in the video and then season them with salt, pepper, and chili powder. Continue to cook this mixture down until you reach a thick consistency, at which point you will add in a bit of water and your blackbeans. Let that cook for a short time as you continue stirring, then turn the temperature down to low and focus on your eggs. You can’t have huevos rancheros without eggs after all.

Matt has his egg pan already on the stove and preheating, this is a great tactic to ensure a quality fry. Another tactic he uses to ensure his eggs all cook evenly is breaking them all into the same bowl prior to cooking. Be extra careful that you don’t break a yolk using this method, but it is hands down the best way to cook 4 eggs evenly at the same time. Add olive oil to your preheated pan and pour your eggs right in. You will know that your oil is too hot if your eggs start bubbling as soon as you add them. Setting your temperature to medium should yield a good result.

When your eggs are cooked just the way you like them, plate them. Scoop your huevos rancheros mixture out of the pan covering up the edges nicely and then add a bit to the center as well. Top it all off with some queso fresco, a few dallops of sour cream and some cilantro.

That concludes this Brunch Life recipe for juevos rancheros. As always thank you for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed this delicious recipe. Come back soon for more delectable recipes and inspiring content. Subscribe below to ensure you don’t miss anything.


Wendy Tracerset says:

I do not have this Brunch Life cookbook just yet.. but I was wondering if you happen to have an "Eggs in the Basket" recipe in there.

Vicky Lansing says:

It really has been a year. Crazy.I use that book all the time. Makes me seem like a super awesome cook 🙂

Brooke West says:

Vegetarian! Yay!!!

P from Ottawa says:

Best Brunch Book!👍👍

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