How To Make Pasta Primavera With Saffron | #StayHome With Rachael

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Rach’s pasta primavera is packed with sweet spring veggies, like zucchini, asparagus + peas.


Dawn Macdonald says:

Love watching you and John cooking and making cocktails from your home. Please keep doing these segments. It’s a lovely diversion.

J. Berge says:

Every square inch of this counter is covered with something, so stressful to watch her cooking in a place like that. I prefer to watch the 30 min meal in her professional studio where someone is cleaning and organizing for her.

Rocco’s Kitchen says:

Would you say the wild ones ramp up this dish?!

Amy Triggs says:

When are you supposed to use OO and not EVOO?

Miss Maddie says:


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