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TheseusTitan says:

Worcestershire sauce isn’t even vegetarian (much less vegan) because it has anchovies in it!

Susie says:

Really rubbish video. I was looking for a proper vegan stroganoff without vegan subs.

monica parras says:

This dish is not fully vegan 🤦🏻‍♀️

Olivia Rodriguez says:

Goes great over wild rice as well 🙂

hp8hp8 says:

Is the recipe written anywhere?? I can't find it in the description box.

Alice Hofmann says:

How the hell is butter vegan??!!!

Ash A says:

Substitute for Worchestersire sauce? Lol idk how to spell it

Sapphireblue777 says:

What can you use instead of vegan cream, I can't find any?

budsm0king says:

If you leave out the sour cream will it turn out the same?

Bill Blinky says:

Thanks for the lesson it wasn't difficult at all. So try it folks.
Just had this delicious meal tonight. Cooked it for a vegan, a would be vegan & 'a wouldn't be if he could get out of it' vegan (that would be me). 
At home because of COVID-19 and there's a lot of home cooking going on. Thus far I have failed on making bread of all sorts but the 2 ladies are killing it with steamed buns, and they go so well with coffee. But the stroganoff was a big hit.

Charles Fraunhofer says:

garlic, vegetable stock, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley, thyme, vegan sour cream, and extra parsley added to the mushrooms served with pasta of choice, I've got it.

toymaker94566 says:

I didn't think Vegans did any dairy?

Lorie Ivanoff says:

Wow! Thanks for sharing this… I love this, & I can eat it until it grows out of my ears… Great job…

2010kh says:

That looks great and very simple. My kind of dish.

Hope Neumaier says:

This was delicious! However both sour cream and Worcestershire sauce are not vegan. If you’re looking to make it vegan you can skip the Worcestershire sauce and use a cashew cream cheese instead of sour cream.

Chiquita GoneBananaz says:

Finely chopped onions? How do they not burn on medium heat while you cook the mushrooms. I call video editing and bullshit

Chiquita GoneBananaz says:

Looks like burnt shit

Anna Crunkleton says:

Butter is not vegan

Morisejko Moriss says:

butter , worchester sauce and sour cream is not vegan mom

Senator says:

..I'm a Thumb Up Subber…just wondering about the Worcestershire

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