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Full recipe:

Omg this lasagne has so much rustic charm it’s unreal.

If you’re a fan of our rich ragu pasta from our cookbook, then you’re going to love this lasagne. We take things to the next level with extra richness, extra creaminess and extra flavaaaa. It’s basically just EXTRA in every way.

This is also a very ‘meaty’ lasagne. Or at least as meaty as you’ll get while still being vegan! Our secret ingredient is miso paste, which delivers all of that incredible umami flavour. If you can’t find miso paste, you can sub for soy sauce.

It’s the perfect meal if you’re cooking for a family or entertaining friends!

We’ve also joined forces once again with Flora to bring this epiiiiic recipe to you guys. The Flora Buttery works wonders in the béchamel, bringing an extra ‘butteriness’ to the sauce. In case you didn’t know, Flora’s entire range is now 100% plant-based! #floraplantgoodness

Find out more about Flora’s range here:

Big lurv! Roxy & Ben



Vegan Teacher says:

Great recipe! Thank you! 💚

Sharica Andrews says:

That looks so amazing I’m going to get the ingredients and let you know how it came out 🥰

Jo-Anne Winmill says:

Im not vegan but this looks delishous

Roy Willan says:

simple, but amazing results thanks you guys!!!

Cilla Vm says:

I'm glad I found this channel! thank you for the amazing recipes!!

Maryanne Z says:

This lasagne looks amazing. I've decided that's my contribution to the Christmas table, thanks so much

Karmen Richardson says:

Literally feel like a stalker I’ve liked all the posts about this 😹! It just looks so amazing!!😻

farmer giles says:

Ravishing Rich Ragu
The quality of the videos never cease to amaze me, love the new format.

CookandEat ASMR says:

OMG this lasagne makes me cry!😍😍😍

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