Ben & Jerry Vegan Ice Cream Taste Test

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Sav-Chan says:

The way you interact with your kids is so adorable! Such a beautiful family.

Fashen Wilson says:

Your family is beautiful❤

Renisha Thomas says:

Wow how time has fly . Joel and Elle is getting so big. Joel is so handsome

emalvowms0 says:

I never had vegan Ben & Jerry’s. I love Luna & Larry’s coconut milk ice cream, NadaMoo, and So Delicious Cashew Milk ice cream.

Simpli Beauti says:

Need more what I eat in a day videos again. Miss those.

Ms. Sunshine says:

Cute. Your kids are so adorable!

DiscoveringNatural says:

I have never tried this brand before. Looks yummy

MissKamellia says:

This was adorable


You're all so beautiful! I can't wait to try these.

Toshi J says:

I've seen those flavors in my kroger, but, never tried them. Lol
Of course, reasons.

Tywan Brown says:

Wow I didn’t know they had vegan ice cream 🍨 my cousin is vegan I’m going to have to see if she ever tried any

Natural Denna Mug says:

That cinnamon bun Ben and Jerry’s is my fave!!😍😍😋😋

Mr London says:

Love the edit at 1:39, too funny.

Starroze aka Kawaiicutiebaby says:


Hailey Bakes says:

Nice video! My favorite flavor is the chocolate and cherry ice cream

Kim May says:

Very nice video thanks for sharing my dear

Andrea JaCole says:

I had no idea Ben & Jerry's had vegan ice cream. Definitely need to look for this at the grocery store. I've been loving the SO Delicious brand so far. El and Joel are growing so fast and they are so adorable!!!

tisham913 says:

I love their non dairy Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia. So Delicious has some awesome flavors as well.

natalee3230 says:

When u want to go vegan but the discipline is not too great! 😂

Jatara Lucas says:

you kids are beautiful and sweet by the way i love your dress girl.

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