Classic Heirloom Tomato Rice Soup

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Stephanie McCollum says:

This would be awesome on a nice fall day or winter day. Whatever u cook up. I'm eating. Looks delicious. Thumbs up. Please keep the videos coming.

Chris Auriemma says:

Daddy Jack and Bob are the best! Can’t wait to come down from MA to check it out live!

John Lennon says:

Every day I watch Jack it just makes my mouth water…I love this guy! Soup looks great. I have to watch him at least once a day or the day is not normal…Thank you Jack!!!

Detomaso Pantera says:

I'm making this that's a great soup!!👌👌👌

Steve Gruenwald says:

Salad, ciabatta bread, soup. How can you go wrong. Yum.

Zed Dead says:

Hey Jack, how can you be "cookin' with the blues" when you're doing great?!?

Here's Johnny says:

Looks great👍😎👌😄

Swedish American says:

I love growing and cooking with bradley's. The color is incredible for dishes like this. Great recipe!

A R says:

Daddy Jack's range burners just have 2 settings- off, and blast furnace- love it!

Angela Hagerman says:

I love Heirloom Tomato Rice Soup…..

Jim Kalfakis says:

Good stuff!

Tina Mc says:

You are awesome and I love your vids. You inspired me to pull out my frozen garden tomatoes. I followed exactly and my family loved it! It was delicious… I cooked the rice separately and added to bowl. Perfect for a cold snowy day. Thank you

Al Leclerc says:

huh ,brown sugar never thought of that…. ill come down a see ya soon.. chef

sve4real says:

I have to make this soup very soon. Just I can find heirloom tomato this time of the year.
From Bedford, Texas. DFW area. Thanks Jack.

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