5 Southern Comfort Country Cooking Recipes

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Gamer girl says:

Where my southern people at??

Ndicos Channel Tv says:

A very delicious and yummy food.

Victoria Purcell says:

What part of the south bc…

Pes says:

im fasting rn and i cried watching this

Nova Centorium says:

5 Comfort Comfy Cooking Recipes that are Mislabeled as Southern which causes a Riot

alex says:

the cobbler to peach ratio is triggering me

Monica Williams says:

Feta doesn’t belong in southern Mac and cheese

Aieshoo 1234 says:

No seasoning on chicken. sigh

Renny Danston says:


GRILLED Speededits says:

How is this southern

nada_bk says:

idk about u guys but these cooks- they aint it everything was so messy i just–

beautifulhue27 says:


Emily Veronica says:

I'm from the south (Texan here) and I absolutely love their versions of country style recipes and no hardcore southerner shouldn't be a downer with too much pride in the comments just because tasty doesn't have the same ways of cooking these foods. Sprinkle some positivity.

muhammad saif khan says:

best recipes download https://amazingideal.blogspot.com/

Shona Penix says:

Oooohhh no….. is what he should say at the END 🤣🤣😂😂😝i only watched cos the title said southern. That didn't look like nothing my momma,aunt,GMA or any real southern downhome cooking im use to😲🤤

HiddenWen says:

I got heartburn just looking at that mac and cheese. It looks delicious though.

Bi-Bi Baby blue says:

I know people hate the music but honestly I need this song ASAP

Samuel Kilby says:

I am sorry but this is not southern cooking, if you want that check out A COOKBOOK COLLECTOR.

Laurtew says:

I live in the South. This is not how we make any of these dishes. (Feta in Mac and cheese?! Canned biscuit dough?!)

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