6 Meatless Recipes To Bring To A BBQ

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Bring any of these 6 meatless recipes to a BBQ and your vegetarian friends will be so thankful!
Recipes: https://tasty.co/compilation/6-meatless-recipes-to-bring-to-a-bbq
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Kelsey Smith says:

Could you make some recipes for picky vegetarians, I just recently became one but I am picky.

Kim Zastrow says:

I don't think I would go to a BBQ…I don't go to other people weddings cause I never get invited and I don't go to family holiday functions either

Roy Valbuena says:

I didn't realize that mozzarella was vegan

dominic says:

If you pull up to my barbecue w cauliflower you will find yourself uninvited on sight

Elis G says:

Cauliflower bbq and buffalo "wings" as so easy. I'm surprised they're not here.

Shelby Herrmann says:

Finally a new pulled jackfruit video!!

robin dickerson says:

Nice recipes but too much added sugar and oils.

reanna akthar says:

So she touches the scotch bonnet with her hands but the garlic with a spoon 😩😂

ISwearToKira says:

thank you for these! I'm not a vegetarian but we're trying to eat less meat (we're doing no meat every other day, mostly experimenting) and I'm running out of recipes quickly so this really helps!

Rebelub says:

0:11 What hot plate is that?

High Budget Studios says:

Hmm this is easy

5 minutes later…

Hmm this is not easy

Cristalheart says:

Yay more nice recipes for me to make !!

Melted Yummies says:

omg yesssss

Aneesa H. says:

Thank you for using scotch bonnets. Not Jerk without them!

Constant Chaos says:

Those beans are BARELY safe to eat, simmer for 40 min and dont use a slow cooker on low
You dont want to get phytohaemagglutinin poisoning

Constant Chaos says:

2 scotch bonnets?!?!? Are you trying to kill someone?

Constant Chaos says:

Mushrooms are AMAZING

Anjali Singh says:

I want to see the faces behind those hands
Who else wants to?
Give a thumbs up

Daley lifestyle says:

Great video love its so interesting and inspiring I recently created a channel to track my success in cooking check it out @ Daley lifestyle

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