Body Building Championship At Sheru Classic in Mumbai

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This event will be third highest cash award show in the world with Mens getting $130k among top 6 and Women $20k.
Total cash award are $150k. Sanjay Dutt Inaugurated The Event.


Ruby Arora says:

ghumman is proud of all india👌👌👌

Sunny Kalsi says:

All foreigners have rock solid body…ghuman body look soft soft

Prithvi raj says:

He is a very egoistic personality!

JAT praan sihag says:

Sher JAT ghumman

Gurdeep Ghuman says:

Ghuman is my got vrinder is big dog

Happy Singh says:

Sheru bhaji good job.keep it up

angel angel says:

Humans very tall near cutler

Artist Amit says:

biceps peak of Kai Greene is superb.

Dr. Jaspreet singh K says:

Kai Greene the predator

Dr. Jaspreet singh K says:

Victor Martinez lats the best

Adi Yogi says:

lmfao sheru lol

Adi Yogi says:

feels like shit in India doing this

BIG BOY says:

wtf !! is she a body builder?? 1:32

Gautam Verma says:

Ghuman is a loin of Punjab…. Salute from Indo-New Zealand bodybuilders

Indy Singh says:

no way ghumman near cutler

Yogesh Narayankar says:

solid bhannat…….

Shaw Mick says:

fantastic, Ghuman was looking as good as Cutler

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