How to Eat in Argentina: Street Food & The Classics

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Learn about the cuisine of Argentina as I eat my way through Buenos Aires and beyond.


Anthony Valli says:

Gracias por las reacciones positivas! Finalmente he añadido subtítulos en español! Todavía hay muchos errores, así que si hay un error, me avisa y voy a revisarlo.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I've finally added subtitles in Spanish! There are probably still many mistakes, so if there is an error on a title, let me know and I will revise it.

alejandro esper says:

Bien que fuiste a la feria de as no es solo san telmo ,la boca o pto madero!!

rafaelezco says:

mmmh… no, no, you missed milanesas and fernet with coke

Abru Murua says:


Lou Cleveland says:

Great job, very accurate presentation of Argentine food culture! You've really done your homework Anthony!, thank you!

Morgan Brandy says:

1:13 I know rgis song from this remix and 8:54 is Bajofondo, of course!

Penny Northcutt says:

Background music is too loud, otherwise, good video.

Natalie J Ashley says:

7:50 I think I am gonna stop here to watch this video my mouth is watering now.. good job making this video 🙂

God says:

the voice fry is maddening

Sumeia Abbud says:

Not just salt. We use Garlic salt and peper

Geronimo Dato says:

Que hace con el mate!!!!

Victor Zurkowski says:

Pastries are an undiscovered treat of Buenos Aires. Argentine croissants (media-lunas), danishes (facturas), and "alfajores de maizena" should be better known.

Nielsen N says:

It all seems great. Would love to visit Argentina. Grettings from 🇦🇷🇩🇰

zzz wy says:

yeah you get a heart blockage from 12 years old on lol

jaymeez says:

Cool Video Man 🙂 Can't Wait To Visit!!

Debbie Denny says:

You know if your a gringo 😂

Victor Giordano says:

Anthony, great articicle and a lovely video it is!! but you must come back… you didn't taste the actual "pizza porteña"… unique in the world… Las Cuartatetas, el Fortín, El Imperio de la Pizza, just some names.. and some styles like "Pizza de Cancha".. there a is lot more to taste!….. i'm afraid you weren't properly informed!!

Pixl Mystic says:

Who’s here for school

Ignacio Marre says:

m8 what about fernet and coca

Mee Khing Lim says:

I love this video clip. Thank You so much Anthony Valli

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