James May shocks electricians with vegan hot dog prank

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Look who’s back… it’s James May AND HIS RUGBY TOP (yes, the very one) in the bunker kitchen rustling up another tasty treat. This time he’s cooking hot dogs for two unsuspecting electricians – who don’t realise they have a surprise in store.

1 November is World Vegan Day, kicking off World Vegan Month. Our very own James May has pledged to #GoVegan24, a campaign from vegan charity Viva! (And yes, it’s a good job he didn’t have any Bertolli spread on the hot dogs he ate the night before hey… that pesky dairy gets everywhere).

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Jessie Bowlin says:

Unless it was organic the sugar in the condiments was probably refined with bone char, but that’s getting really picky. They’re basically vegan. And look delicious. Num.
Ps But isn’t it crazy? You’d be amazed how many processed foods you’d think were vegan actually contain animal products.

MiguelPpM says:

Intriguing, I hope I can find this in the future since I’ve stopped eating pork and beef and it will be a great substitute.

P.S. I’m not vegan I still eat birds, fish, lambs, and goats.

Tj Reeve says:

10 or 12 mins so probably 11 mins then 😂

Auditory Cheesecake says:

I was so into this I forgot it was a prank

Super Cruiser says:

You can tell the sparky in grey is hungry, he kept looking if the foods done.

Raygen Saunders-Johnson says:

Hi, vegan here! The olive spread isn’t vegan friendly, it has buttermilk in it!

Natalie M says:

The sparky in the black is soooo CUTE!

Nate D says:

Look at them, touching and eating each other's food. Simpler times

stingerfreak says:

Do all Brits manage to ruin hot dogs this magnificently, or is it just May?

Mark S. says:

you dont fry a bockwurst but you heat it up in hot water just like frankfurters. And you never ever cut things in the pan.

Harry Millward says:

but is the bread vegan

Annielou says:

Is anyone addicted to watching these videos with James in? He’s one of my favourite celebrities.

Denis Franks says:

Wrong James, Bockwurst is cooked in hot, (not boiling) water and bratwurst is normally charcoal grilled. Try to be authentic!

MeGiant says:

Ancestral grabbers. Still not done inventing all applications for that reference.

Allen Newborn says:

James has a crazy pop in his jaw when he chews eh?

oxxxe says:

Last time I’ve seen that shirt was when you test drove a VW

Kyd Wykkyd says:

Why am I watching this and happily enjoying it?

akondar says:

It is rather spoiled by cooking it in the same pan

Hungry Bear says:

James says "this is my dog" and points at his body

Me:I already knew you were a dog

etabetta1 says:

Are you familiar with German sausage hotdogs or is this a relative new experience 😂

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