Slimming World Recipe | Practically Syn Free Creamy Veggie Pasta

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This weeks Make It Mondays is a gorgeously creamy Vegetarian pasta dish that is sheer comfort food & very very filling. As always, feel free to tweak to your taste & add in anything that takes your fancy. This is a totally simple yet adaptable recipe that takes no time to whip up & is only 3 syns for the whole recipe which serves 4.
You are allowed 75g of the light philly as a HEXA & as this recipe only contains 90g & serves 4 you would only be using 1/3 of your allowance(so could eat 3 servings in a day if you like!)

400g Pasta
2 Tins Ratatouille(4 for £1 from Heron or Princes is SYN FREE!)
90g Philadelphia Light cream cheese
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp Hendersons or Worcestershire sauce
1tsp Tabasco
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp mixed herbs
1/2 tsp chilli powder
1/2 tsp paprika
Salt & Pepper to taste(at the table)

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Ria Watmough says:

This is true comfort food, perfect for star week! Thanks!

clare says:

cream cheese is quite fatty to make it even healthier you could substitute that for creme fraiche and it has a similar effect to the cheese! nice recipe

Elizabeth Bennett says:

Where can I buy Hendersons Relish please x

Craig Harvey says:

I added fat free quark it was really creamy and less sins.

Caragh O sullivan says:

love the recipe. where do u get those tins of ratatouille and how many syns are they

ilovebrean says:

that looks so yummy

Kerrie Bates says:

this looks delicious. i wanted to try sw but dont have over 7lb to lose i just want to know how to eat better and i will need to lose weight if i carry on the way im eating

Charlie Charlie says:

Thank you so much for posting this, ive had it twice since you uploaded it! Xx

Villainous Mood says:

This looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to try it! 😍😍

Seema says:

You are a life saver Donna, I always find something new to try on your channel, helps a great deal when I start getting a bit bored of my regular SW meals. Thank you hun 🙂 xxx

Michelle James says:

omg this looks so good, wish I could eat pasta, well I can but I'm trying to avoid carbs lol

Monowara Hakim says:

Aww your make it mondays are the best ever feel like trying all of them thanks so much keep up the good work take care xx

Rachel Thorpe says:

Did you knowthat the ratatouille is 1.5 syns a can?

june ingram says:

Looks lovely

Sophie Louise Loves Life says:

This looks amazing xx


Going to try it soon… loooks yumm😊

Pennyspain says:

Mi a lovely idea. I think Ragatu is so under used thanks Donna x

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