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Today we taste test and review vegan food for meat lovers. MorningStar Farms, a pioneer in the vegetarian meat alternative world, has started releasing vegan versions of some of their beloved products, along with new products as well. Today we test the vegan chicken, chorizo, bean burger, and falafel burger that are new to their vegan line that dairy and meat eaters will may enjoy enough to replace their animal-based counterpart. You may want to offer these products to anyone who is curious about making small changes as they transition to a plant based diet.

MorningStar Farms has been placing a yellow tab on the upper right hand side of the packaging with a large green “V” and the word vegan to differentiate their vegan products from their current vegetarian products. Not all of their vegan products are marked this way, so always just check the ingredients and go from there. Look to see that milk, eggs, or cheese are not listed as allergens, and you should be all set!

-Our Mission-

Our goal is always to present honest reviews so that you can make an informed decision about the products, companies and restaurants that you may or may not have heard about. The products we feature could serve as transitional vegan food for meat and dairy lovers. We give you choices for vegan meat, fish, cheese & for the dairy and meat eaters any time of year, but especially right now at your summer cookouts and BBQ’s. We recommend that you watch the video all the way through and decide if you’d want to offer our recommendations to anyone who is curious about making small changes as they transition to a plant based diet.

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Shanna Bundrick says:

You guys are so awesome!

Jessica Williams says:

I had to come back on here and tell you guys that finally tried the Morningstar Chicken Strips, and WOW!!! Those things are delicious!!! I mixed some taco seasoning in a couple teaspoons of water and poured it over the strips and made me two burritos, lol!! Thanks so much for the suggestion!!

Chad Ladeira says:

I cant do the bean burgers! When I first went plant based most restaurant options around me had bean burgers and I thought if this is my only option I'll never last. 😂 I do love beans otherwise

Chad Ladeira says:

I've found most vegan mock meats taste better when it's incorporated in a dish versus tasted on their own. The morning star meat lovers are now my favorite burger. Love the channel by the way!

karen robey says:

Loved the witticism in this one!! As usual great job and thanks again for the great reviews! Vegan for life!

Jessica Williams says:

I have to make my own falafel sandwich from scratch with my cucumber tahini sauce.

Jessica Williams says:

Lol! I'm almost 49 and still working on not sharing my opinion so much! Even when people ask, i am so direct, they always wish they'd never asked me. I feel a little bad now, but I am still trying to do better.

Jessica Williams says:

I have the regular plant based chorizo "sausage", but love the regular Morningstar crumbles. Helps us stay away from the beef and pork.

MaTaylie Beganovic says:

So true about the no black vegan families thing lol! That's literally what I was thinking when I first watched 1 of your videos. Thanks for the content!

Sharell Jones says:

Love it I’m new watchers of your channel I sub going thru your videos excellent content I came across your videos by watching ghetto vegan I love what you two are doing such a beautiful family your spirit and laughing is cautious you guys got me smiling ear to ear on your videos and your skin girl is beautiful you just beautiful I will start eating kale every day lol love it keep doing it black love great family cute kids Burger King video was sweet very impressed.

Benjamin Bawse Moves says:

Can you do a best vegan nugget video. I would love to see your opinion on the nuggs nuggets.

Ambitiouz Theveganstonerr says:

I’m glad morning star is switching to all vegan ‼️

Jenise Lopez says:

I get that all the time it's really good Chicken Barbecue sandwich and chicken Chow Maine

Shaka Shakur says:

I feel like I made it, I got a shout out from yall lmao!! And I'm so glad I'm not the only 1 who hates bean burgers and veggie burgers. August 1st my 3 yr vegan anniversary, and that 6 months I was like "this ain't gonna last long if I gotta eat veggie burgers" and then u get on YouTube and u see so many ppl saying "veggie burgers and bean burgers are life!! " I'm like "my taste buds must be tripping then. "So for the past 2 yrs after the plant based burgers who meant to taste like meat has been hit or miss and have nasty after tastes, I've gave up burgers until impossible hit stores(I've had impossible 1 time at bareburger and that's the 1st time in my life food has made me dance and smile at the same time from food. The auora like Charlie Murphy said rick James had that's how it was when I bit impossible the 1st time. " Yall and ghetto vegans are on here looking out for us melanined folks!!! And I've seen the morning star chicken strips right next to the steak strips and yeah like yall said gardein and other vegan chicken strips has been misses, I've he hesitated to try any other ones. But I'll get the morning star ones next time.

Dylan Oldenburg says:

I'm so glad to see that so many morning star products are vegan! I'm looking forward to trying the chickn strips, I haven't found one that I like since the beyond meat ones were discontinued

Linda says:

I marinade my Morningstar chicken strips in fajita seasoning overnight and then put it in the air fryer… amazing

Rolanda Williams says:

I just recently tried the regular crumbles and love them( my family dad only tried the burgers),
had been using the gardein, but i like the morning star better for its taste and texture.
I can find morning star at several stores in my city, and I’m from Nebraska.
Love you guys and thanks for sharing more of the morning star products. Definitely will be trying more.

Lou Reddish says:

Thanks for sharing 😀

Nisha says:

“You feel ok about the choices your making” .. Yep I’m stealing that Cris 🤣. You all better stop it with y’all flirty eyes before baby number 7 comes🤣. Love the review I’ve tried all you reviewed. Gardien and Morningstar products are our staples!

I think you all should create and infinite family colloquialism manual/book. 🤣 y’all have creative ones! ❤️

Starlight Sturdy says:

Trader Joe’s chorizo is the bomb diggity

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