What I Eat in a Day | High Protein Simple Healthy Vegan

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Sunwarrior Protein: http://bit.ly/2ksh5pb

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Koya Webb
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Emily Salzman says:

BLENDER BOOGIE 😂😍🤩 I love it!!!

Shai says:

I cant wait to try salad tomorrow

lisa says:

I've been sneaking hummus and carrots in the movie theater. You ain't alone.

ddchad says:

What is brags?

Heather Stella says:

I love this salad and I agree avocado is everything LOL I like to add walnuts to mine and raisins

MG says:

Tahini on a rice cracker or apple slices with nut butter 🙌 also love Hu Chocolate 🍫

PHD in Me TV says:

Avocado 🥑 dressing!! 😀

Brenda Jones says:

Sunflower seeds are my favorite.

Kimberly B says:

Just downloaded and watched the movie Like Water for Chocolate, its was great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Lisa Watson says:

Pumpkin seeds,coconut, walnuts,dried cranberries and I also 💕 love peppers 🌶

antonia grier says:

Can you our all in print menu. 🙏🏽

The Jade Watts Show says:

I love this quick and easy 🙌

S O N J A says:

I love mashing avocado and kale together with my hands, there's just something about it that feels good.

I like tomato & red onion on top of the kale salad 😋. I also like a little sprinkle of yeast flakes mixed in, some pink salt & fresh cracked black pepper.

I'm a chip addict too! Honestly, I have to stay away from the chip aisle in the store 😂😂😭😭. I love popcorn, and I like to have a peanut butter/chocolate chip LaraBar with it. I didn't even know SunWarrior had snack bars!

Kimberly Bailey says:

Thank you so much Koya awesome Vegan meals. I just starting GoVegan

OhThats_Kãhliem says:

WAIT!:: did she say "two cups of water, about 24oz's" … one cup is 8oz

Susun Slatky says:

Lovin’ your energy and content! My understanding is that it’s best to cook mushrooms for digestibility.

BRWN SGR says:

I couldn’t see the protein brand, I got it “Sun Warrior” 😃

BRWN SGR says:

Hi Koya, I love Jenne of Sweet Potato Soul and watched you on her channel today; I am looking forward to learning some of your tips. What brand of plant protein powder do you use? I tried Lean and it was too chalky, I tried Vega All in One and love it. Then I read an article about a recall years ago because of an ingredient they were using (Chloramphenicol).

The Human Meme says:

Oh my gosh you're so adorable!!!! You just became my inspiration. I've toyed with the idea of going vegan for years, but part of the reason for not doing so is that I hate cooking and I thought vegan meals required lots of kitchen time. I'm definitely going to try the recipes you use 😍 thank youuuuuu

Omari West says:

Heya Koya – so happy to see you further along your nutrition/health journey. you also look wonderful. I'm inspired. I'm definitely going to try the quinoa with sprouts and salsa!

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