UCI World Champions: Lizzie Armitstead

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Exclusive interview featuring 2015 UCI Road World Champion Lizzie Armitstead.
For more about the UCI Women’s WorldTour : http://goo.gl/3VYiQR

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It Looks Like A Hamburger says:

bonitos ojitos…

Jerry Adams says:

Lizzie, es good, ago, me watch her beat mariana vos, in uci world championship

Hank Chinaski says:

After missing multiple tests she should have received a ban.

711honved says:

The value of professional sport is being undermined by drug scandals & I have lost interest. Whenever an athlete is caught they believe that bullying lawyers will get them off. Maria Sharapova is a case in question & I'm hugely disappointed in the role played by British Cycling in this matter. Armitstead has always expressed draconian views on alleged drug cheats but has a more relaxed view of her own transgressions.

Simon Raaspit says:

Lizzie "doping " Armitstead. Missing 3 dopingcontroles !!!!!! She's a cheater!

Bill Bailey says:

Another UK doper found out, and they have the audacity judging the Russians…all birds of a feather.

No no says:

that guy checking her out at 01:25

stefanharhay says:

i never knew she was vegetarian. being world champion probably helps to dispel some myths.

D.Eldon says:

Excellent! Lizzie is a credit to cycling and always exciting to watch race!

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