Easy Chicken Biryani | Maunika Gowardhan

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Maunika really has created a show stopper of a dish with her Easy Chicken Biryani recipe. Chicken thighs in a spicy yogurt marinade cooked with fresh tomatoes and layered with Basmati rice, saffron infused milk and garam masala. Delicious.

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UFO Yellow says:

Can you please list all the ingredients?

pallerla SaiTeja says:

Actually an authentic Indian Biryani ,never has Tomatoes in it ..

vinod samala says:

cooking is the biggest scam in the world, cook for 2hours just to eat for 10minutes🤦🏻‍♂️

Atiqah says:

This recipe cooks for how many ppl?

Samr Calcutawala says:

Hi, the Biryani recipe is quite simple and easy to make. I would suggest you should have a thick layer of rice at the bottom first and then add the chicken mix on top of it. This would help the flavours of the chicken to mix with the rice in the bottom. You can have the plain rice as a top layer which is glazed with saffron milk.

Carla Hollis says:

I’ve done this with roasted chicken and roasted lamb i cut them up into small pieces then I marinated both in the yogurt mixture after cooking the meats. I also cooked the rice in homemade chicken stock both times. One mug of rice to one mug of boiling stock and one mug of boiling water then simmer on low with lid on for 15 minutes I used Tilda basmati. Absolutely gorgeous

Moo Moo says:

Nah this is white people biryani

A J says:

Not really Biryani..but well..good presentation

Suny Lu says:

Anybody understands what are the spices she uses? I listened 4 times but can’t get her accent.

sakanablesakanable says:

Marinate overnight??? I am not that organized in my life!

sakanablesakanable says:

Something about that accent that has my interest captured…
Biryani is too spicy for me though

Dan Howard says:

She can whip me any day

rvpstudioscanada says:

Can't wait to try it! It looks delicious !

Iswar Vlogs says:

Add a teaspoon by using hands. Really Indians are so great

Priyanka Majumder says:

This is not authentic indian biriyani

irina IAKOVLIEVA says:


Yaya Fatima says:

Take a shot every time she says actually!

akshay patil says:

No fried onions anywhere in the recipe! and tomatoes and tomato paste? seriously its gonna turn out sour. It shouldn’t be called biriyani, it should be called sour chicken rice.

Annie Adim says:

Thank you Maunika, but where are the lentils? thats like one of the key ingredients and my fave lol hence the question

TheMermayden says:

Wow, if this is a version that doesn't have lots and lots of ingredients, I would hate to try and make a traditional version.

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