Classic Broccoli & Stilton soup easy recipe :) Cook with me!

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Hi folks 🙂

Welcome back to what’s for tea! And I hope you’re having a great day so far!

Today I made this beautiful broccoli & stilton soup! So very moreish and decadent 🙂 Even if you’re not a fan of blue cheese…I urge you to give this a go! The cheese isn’t overpowering in this soup and pairs wonderfully with the delicate flavour of the broccoli.

I’ve listed everything I used below…in case you want to give it a go for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and until I see you next, take care x


I Used-

500g Broccoli (about one and a half heads-including stalks)
1 Medium potato – cubed
200g Stilton cheese – cubed
2 Tablespoons butter
3 Cloves garlic – finely sliced
1 Medium white onion – finely sliced
1 Small leek – finely sliced
1.5 Litres vegetable stock
300ml Double cream

***Optional bread croutons & cream to serve***



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jenny beverley says:

Why add more cream and have bread and croutons. Bread and bread.

Keith Parfitt says:

I made some of this soup today. Absolutely delicious 😋😍

Ally Greenslade says:

Hearing the words wee smattering ahhh made me think of my mum ❤️ thank you so much x

Fionaclark1092 Clark says:

Love the way you present your dishes, and the way you show all ingredients.,thank you Cheryl.

sambucca18 says:

I love soups, but Broccoli and Stilton is my all time fave. The flavour is out of this world.

Simply Christal says:

This looks yummy and I look forward to trying it!

Nathan Blackpool says:

Looks amazing I am defo going this recipe o

Alexander williams says:

I hate blue cheese but you have convinced me I’ll give it a try

Gary Boyd says:

Oh wow Cheryl something I can make and eat! No mushrooms required! I only have to make one change with a bash of my magic spurtle and change the potato into cauliflower! Sounds excellent and I know someone who grimaces at the thought of le fromage bleu. I shall make this and feed it to her and see what happens. Sometimes it's don't ask don't tell! What's in the soup? Oh look at the weather! It's lovely out.

Anto Q says:

Looks fab…..can't wait to try it 🍽

Ally Fitzsimmons says:

Now yar talking Soop Lovely,carry on,A ken the wife likes this,for gods sake am hungry already an ya've just lifted the pot,wow that looks Great,Hope you and your's Enjoyed yar Wee Break,Couple oh years since i been in Ayr,Lovely Pace.

Randy Davis says:

Oh my, I'm so used to broccoli cheddar soup. I love blue cheese. I bet this tastes more rich and velvety! Definitely gonna have to try this!

Susan Hurst says:

Made this today. Cant figure out how to send a picture. It was delicious!! I love stilton and I love this easy to make soup! Mine is less smooth but that's the way I prefer it. Anyway Cheryl thanks so much for this one!!!

Kate Dally says:

That looks delicious. I'm going o give it a go even though I don't like Stilton 😃. You've persuaded me x

Beth Banderton says:

I'm gonna give this a go even though I'm not keen on Stilton.

JayT LaMunch says:

I will be making this soup, it looks absolutely delicious Thank you, Cheryl, for another great recipe 🙂

Ellen Sankey says:

That looks amazing! I’m really partial to to Stilton so another one for me to try. Thank you!!

Kentucky 1950 says:

When the weather gets cooler, I am going to try this

Catherine's Plates says:

Absolutely delicious looking soup. Never had it with blue cheese but I’ll have to give it a try.

Anne Perry says:

Sorry,us in England are actually in the summertime!!!!!

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