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Looking for the perfect Keto snack? Veggie chips are the answer, and Chef Megan Mitchell makes them even crispier in an air fryer! A serving will not only satisfy cravings, but you’ll also enjoy loads of flavor thanks to foolproof spice mixes like garlic and herb or smoky barbecue.

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Jimmie Whorley says:

She’s funny 🤣

ivyperfection33 says:

Yum! Trying the zucchini chips today!

Arysta says:

Cute video. You can do all of this in a conventional oven too, it just takes quite a bit longer.

OO says:

Sorry don’t know what she cooked… I just stared at her the whole time. She gorgeous! She could feed me garbage and I would eat it!

nest basalan says:

nice watching your channel.

Courtnay Power says:

I think you just made my week🌺

Nabila Khan says:

Hi😊 may I know which brand is the stainless sliver from . Thanks a bunch ❤️

Vada Hughley says:

Wow! Those look really good!!!😎😎😎😁😁😁. I'd try sweet potatoes too😊😊😊.

John Mal says:

Garlic kale chips

Finn McCool says:

Watch your stories! Haha!

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