Where to find the best milkshakes in Disney World!

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Okay so you’re in Disney World, you’re looking for a way to cool off, and you’re craving something sweet. That’s right, my friends – it’s time for some Disney Milkshakes! Today we’re going over some of our favorites around Disney World – some classics, and well as some of the newer over-the-top milkshakes that you can get around the parks and resorts!

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Ellen Murphy says:

The over the top milkshakes wow, kind of waaay too much. Just looking at photos of them is not good. The others the regular shakes look what a milkshake should look like.

Kylo Ren Enthusiast says:

You can’t judge toothsome’s shakes based on planet hollywood, the ones at toothsome are absolutely amazing

Ellen Murphy says:

One of my favorite videos AJ! Hey is Disney Food Blog hiring? I'd even volunteer for DFB. Seriously.

Ellen Murphy says:

A.J. I'm a big pudding fan. Anywhere at a Disney to get good chocolate pudding? I've got to try those milk shakes when I go but not the "over the top" ones.

Sonia Maria de Figueiredo Fernandes says:

My family loved it, we like very much the suggestions!

NX01ADauntless says:

I love chocolate and bacon! I'll have to try that shake.

Mary N says:

Considering it was 95 degrees outside, the toothsome shakes were pretty damn good

Trash Tea says:

And also toothsome’s is a waste of money, sorry just my opinion

Trash Tea says:

When your kids are big enough, you should take them to universal!

Isheian says:

Malts. I miss amazing malts!

Nicole Farah says:

I try the malikshak they were so good l get it with whip carem and peanut butter on top aj try it

Inferno Gater says:

I love the toothsome milkshakes i haven’t had mine icey

Donald Hitchcock says:

Also what about the red velvet shake from 50s Prime Time? Has red velvet cake blended in the shake. 😜👍

Donald Hitchcock says:

A few years back we went to Whispering Canyon and ordered the bottomless dairy-free milkshakes -not on the menu. The chef was kind enough to use Rice Dream and soy milk to make both chocolate and vanilla shakes for us!

Jim Looney says:

How can you miss Disney Springs: Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. They have great milkshakes or malts (& Banana Splits). Usually you can get a sample chocolate square in the shop and then go to the soda fountain. Discounts for AP & DVC. Hard to go wrong with anything here. Malts or shakes are good for walking (in 3 sizes). No cupcakes – just good ice cream & toppings. I have not tried the shakes/malts at Ample Hills, but it was great for a sundae recently.

mary bradley says:

i like to dip my breaded chikien and fries in my milkshake IT IS SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO GOOD

Mary Kavanaugh says:

The pb&j milkshake at 50s Prime Time is the best. Every time I go to WDW I go there and get one.

Sara Swinerton says:

Do any of the dole whip non alcoholic shakes at the value hotels ?

Nisa Swineford says:

How about the 10 best milkshakes for kids (and adults who don’t drink)?

terrible lizard says:


I'm glad they have more options for adults these days. When i went as a kid, apparently the food was kinda a drag.
overpriced, meh quality, and mostly basic kiddie options (like burgers n fries, or shitty pizza)
neat to see how far they've come with their quality and options!

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